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  1. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014

    LIFE programme

    17353 reads The LIFE programme  is the EU financing instrument for the environment and climate action. The 2014-2017 work programme includes a thematic priority on ‘Air quality and emissions, including the...

  2. Facts & figures
    10 December 2014

    European Environment Agency (EEA): Transport Publications

    6083 reads In addition to their annual Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) report, the EEA also regularly publish reports on topics of interest. Recent publications have focussed on the...

  3. Tool
    12 November 2014

    SUMP guidelines for policy makers

    5055 reads The SHAPE-IT project has developed a report focussing on local authorities’ approaches to their policy-making process, specifically in which ways and to what extent there is collaboration between...

  4. Event
    27 October 2014

    5th Florence Urban Forum

    8612 reads Language English Energy Efficiency in Urban Public Transport English Security of energy supply as well as reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is currently high on the European policy...

  5. Photo
    25 September 2014

    Synonyms and metaphors

    PORTAL / ELTIS 3446 reads Policy and research ...

  6. Financement de l'UE
    06 June 2014

    Horizon 2020 – ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’

    17620 reads Under Horizon 2020  the EU Research Framework Programme, all projects require co-operation between a minimum of three countries. The part called ' Mobility for Growth' is the CIVITAS...

  7. Tool
    18 February 2014

    Innovation in urban mobility

    3937 reads The EU recognises that urban transport plays a fundamental role in meeting the objectives of economic competitiveness, social cohesion and sustainable growth. In accordance with the subsidiarity...

  8. Tool
    20 August 2013

    Encouraging walking and cycling

    2179 reads This edition of 'Studies on Mobility and Transport Research' addresses the question of how to encourage people to walk and cycle in urban areas.  It highlights the implementation of...

  9. Tool
    01 January 2013

    Planning and design for sustainable urban mobility

    2567 reads The United Nations has identified sustainable transport as one of the main themes of sustainable development. Urgent action is required to develop more sustainable urban transport systems which...

  10. Tool
    31 October 2012

    Road safety tools and resources

    2468 reads The European Commission has made a wide-ranging database of tools and resources on road safety under the European Road Safety Observatory. The database includes a comprehensive overview of...