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    01 January 2013

    Planning and design for sustainable urban mobility

    2567 reads The United Nations has identified sustainable transport as one of the main themes of sustainable development. Urgent action is required to develop more sustainable urban transport systems which...

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    31 October 2012

    Road safety tools and resources

    2468 reads The European Commission has made a wide-ranging database of tools and resources on road safety under the European Road Safety Observatory. The database includes a comprehensive overview of...

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    28 August 2012

    Benefits of reducing transport emissions

    2501 reads There are numerous additional benefits to decarbonising transport apart from environmental protection and mitigating climate change. In order to address different audiences on the benefits of...

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    20 June 2012

    Good practice for improving accessibility

    2565 reads More than half the population of older people in Europe lives in urban areas, so it is becoming increasingly important for urban transport systems to be accessible. However, good practice in the...

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    17 May 2012

    Calculating regional biomethane demand

    2304 reads The Falköping Model enables users to estimate market demand for biomethane in a region from evolving gas vehicle fleets, and estimate supply capabilities from a range of production and...

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    31 January 2012

    Improving railway station design

    6218 reads Shifting a greater number of passengers to railway travel would be a highly effective way of reducing the environmental impact of transport. This holds true for journeys at all distances,...

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    29 November 2011

    CCAP Guidebook- calculating emissions reductions in transport

    2308 reads The purpose of the CCAP Transportation Emissions Guidebook is to provide basic ‘rules of thumb’ to calculate emissions reductions from the implementation of specific transportation and land-use...

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    28 September 2011

    ISEMOA guidance for improving accessibility

    2246 reads People with reduced mobility such as those with permanent or temporary disabilities, the elderly and parents with small children often depend on cars for their daily mobility due to the barriers...

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    28 September 2011

    Integrating health and planning

    1790 reads The links between access to attractive and safe public spaces and mental and physical health are becoming ever more apparent. The lack of such spaces can compound the problems which come with...

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    06 July 2011

    OBIS Handbook- optimising bike-sharing in Europe

    4909 reads Bike-sharing schemes, once the domain of capitals and major cities, are becoming increasingly common in Europe's cities and towns. The experiences of bike-sharing schemes in ten European...