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  1. Event
    06 July 2022

    CIVITAS Park4SUMP High Level Meeting- Electric vehicle deployment: Parking matters!

    350 reads Language English The rapid, scaled installation of EV chargers brings many challenges. This high-level meeting held by POLIS on behalf of Horizon 2020 projects PARK4SUMP, USER-CHI and...

  2. News
    20 May 2022

    How can we guarantee the best batteries for our electric vehicles?

    611 reads New battery types are being developed at breakneck speed, competing on performance, cost, and sustainability. Novel chemistries and technologies require thorough testing to understand the...

  3. News
    17 May 2022

    Malta has added two new fully electric buses to its public transport fleet

    Malta Public Transport has added two fully electric buses to its fleet, as part of its push to delivering a decarbonised public transport system for the country. ...

  4. News
    13 May 2022

    Taxis and rental cars in cities in The Netherlands to be zero-emission by 2025

    The Netherlands is restricting all newly registered taxi and rental cars in the big cities after 2025 to only zero-emission vehicles. ...

  5. Event
    27 June 2022

    POLIS Air Quality & Clean Vehicles Working Group Meeting: Smart solutions for electromobility

    268 reads Language English POLIS' Air Quality & Clean Vehicles Working Group will meet in person to discuss findings from leading electromobility projects and their transferability in European...

  6. Event
    23 June 2022

    Future City Tech 2022

    1019 reads Language English English Over 30 demonstrations with start-ups in Energy & Public Realm are waiting for you at Future City Tech 2022 conference on 23-24 June 2022  in the City of Říčany ...

  7. News
    05 May 2022

    Bulgaria preparing law to promote electric vehicles

    Bulgaria is set to draft a new law to encourage electric mobility and provide incentives to buy electric vehicles, with the goal to have at least 30,000 electric vehicles in Bulgaria by 2026. ...

  8. Event
    21 June 2022

    EV Charging Infrastructure Forum 2022

    546 reads Language English EV CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM The growth of the electric vehicle market continues to play a pivotal role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector across Europe and a...

  9. Event
    15 June 2022

    MOVE 2022

    501 reads Language English MOVE 2022 MOVE 2022 conference is an important annual mobility event, where disruptive technology and innovation drive change. It is a specialised, cross-modal and focused event...

  10. Event
    11 June 2022

    International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 2022

    578 reads Language English International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition The 35th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhitbition  is the world’s largest electric mobility conference and exhibition...