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  1. Case study
    10 September 2019
  2. News
    29 December 2020

    Brussels' decision on introduction "smart city toll" met with protest in Flanders and Wallonia

    2730 reads At the start of December the Brussels-Capital Region reached an internal agreement on the introduction of a ‘C ity Toll ’ or ‘ Intelligent Kilometre Charge ’. The road charging project, called...

  3. News
    09 November 2020

    2021 will be the European Year of Rail

    The European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism has approved the Commission's proposal that 2021 should be the European Year of Rail. ...

  4. News
    21 October 2020

    Parking management video clips: examples of tried and tested solutions

    The H2020 project Park4SUMP aims to help cities integrate innovative parking management solutions for better mobility and quality of life- these videos give real-life examples of how this can be achieved. ...

  5. News
    09 September 2020

    Free public transport in Montpellier

    2337 reads The residents of the metropolis of Montpellier have been able to travel free of charge every weekend on board buses and trams throughout the metropolitan area since 5 September 2020. The offer...

  6. News
    08 September 2020

    Feature your city in a new CIVITAS e-publication and videos

    1675 reads Unfortunately, the CIVITAS study visits scheduled for 2020 could not take place due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. But as an alternative, CIVITAS is producing an interactive e-publication that...

  7. Case study
    13 November 2018
  8. News
    21 August 2020

    Designing Streets for Kids Guidance- 10 Actions to Improve Streets for Children

    3135 reads In August 2020, the Global Designing Cities Initiative released its “Designing Streets for Kids” guidance as a supplement of NACTO’s Global Street Design Guide. The guidance aims to create...

  9. News
    29 July 2020

    Warsaw to have its first 'woonerf' in place by the end of 2020

    The Polish capital, Warsaw, is to implement its first 'woonerf' neighbourhood by the end of 2020. ...

  10. Case study
    19 July 2018