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  1. News
    14 June 2021

    ReVeAl project: 4 guidance documents cover the cross-cutting issues that affect all UVARs

    The Civitas ReVeAL project is looking at how cities can successfully regulate vehicle access in order to create more attractive places for people and business. ...

  2. News
    03 June 2021

    Join inspiring CIVITAS online training sessions this summer

    The CIVITAS Initiative is organising a series of four online training sessions this summer on hot sustainable mobility topics. ...

  3. News
    02 June 2021

    Bucharest creates a network of pedestrian zones for the weekend

    2212 reads The Romanian capital, Bucharest, plans to open up to pedestrians during weekends. From 29 May, the centre of Bucharest will have seven large pedestrian zones at weekends, which will be largely...

  4. News
    26 May 2021

    Madrid’s low emission zone is to be scrapped, although a new scheme is on the way

    “Madrid Central”, Madrid’s controversial low emissions zone (LEZ), which was introduced in November 2018, is now set to be scrapped after a decision of the Spanish Supreme Court. However, a new scheme, to be...

  5. Event
    20 October 2021

    CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021

    1092 reads Language English English The CIVITAS Forum is a bi-annual event hosted by the CIVITAS Initiative that celebrates, promotes and encourages sustainable cities and sustainable urban mobility...

  6. News
    11 March 2021

    Senate of Berlin adopted plan including city-wide zero emission zone

    Germany's Capital aims to introduce a zero-emisison zone covering the entire city in the medium time range. ...

  7. Event
    20 September 2021

    3rd UVAR Box Workshop

    The 3rd UVAR Box workshop on 20 September 2021 aims to update stakeholders on progress made halfway through the project. ...

  8. News
    11 February 2021

    E-bike and e-cargo bike grants of £1,000 ahead of Scotland’s low emission zones

    With Scotland planning to install low emission zones (LEZs) in its four biggest cities, plans have been released which involve grants available to households and small businesses to support their transition...

  9. News
    11 January 2021

    Greater Lyon tightens its low emission zone

    The Municipality of Lyon tightened restrictions on its low emission zone (LEZ) on 1 January 2021 ...

  10. News
    29 December 2020

    Brussels' decision on introduction "smart city toll" met with protest in Flanders and Wallonia

    2730 reads At the start of December the Brussels-Capital Region reached an internal agreement on the introduction of a ‘C ity Toll ’ or ‘ Intelligent Kilometre Charge ’. The road charging project, called...