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    26 January 2023

    90% of Barcelonians live within 300 metres distance of a cycle lane

    In 2022, the city of Barcelona implemented more than 7 km of new cycling infrastructure and reported an increase of 11% of daily bicycle trips compared to the previous year. ...

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    25 January 2023

    How the NetZeroCities Portal can help your city reach climate neutrality

    criteria that cities find useful.      The  News Feed   is a social networking space that invites users to ...

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    24 January 2023

    Helsinki plans to install fixed parking areas for e-scooters

    The City of Helsinki plans to re-dedicate some car parking spaces as e-scooter parking areas in an attempt to stop e-scooters being left anywhere in the city centre. ...

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    23 January 2023

    Madrid becomes the first major European capital to have a 100% clean bus fleet

    In December 2022, Madrid managed to become the first major European capital to have a bus fleet comprised fully of clean vehicles. The city now has a fleet of CNG-powered buses and electric buses. ...

  5. News
    20 January 2023

    Lille plans to pay motorists to leave their car

    The European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) has announced a bold new measure to persuade drivers to leave their car during rush hours- paying car drivers who give up driving alone during rush hour on the most...

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    19 January 2023

    Greece offers incentives to taxi owners to buy an electric taxi

    A €40 million Green Taxi programme launched by the Greek government aims to replace around 2,000 old taxis in the country with new electric taxis. ...

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    17 January 2023

    Dublin will construct 60 km of new segregated bike lanes by 2024

    The Irish capital Dublin aims to construct an additional 60 km of segregated bike lanes by 2024, with the aim of ultimately extending the city's segregated cycling network to over 310 km over the coming...

  8. News
    16 January 2023

    Final report and lessons learned from SUMP implementation in Foshan

    The finalisation of a pilot project has led to the publication of the SUMP Foshan Pilot Project (final report) and the report on lessons learned for the uptake of SUMP in the Chinese urban planning context. ...

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    13 January 2023

    Krakow to expand high-speed tramway network with public-private partnership

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will provide funding to support the expansion of Krakow's tramway. ...

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    12 January 2023

    The Chain Bridge in Budapest reopens only to public transport, bikes and taxis

    The Chain Bridge in Budapest is now open only to public transport, bikes and taxis, and it will be to pedestrians in 2023. ...