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  1. News
    20 July 2022

    Danish report maps out the problem of 'ghost cycling'

    Cyclists riding against traffic forms a challenge in Danish cities. ‘Ghost cycling’ occurs mostly in the morning peak and is for some part a result of spatial separations created by urban roads. ...

  2. News
    15 July 2022

    TandEM Women in Cycling- Cycling Training and Empowerment for Women by Women

    EIT Urban Mobility and Amsterdam-based cycling NGO BYCS are offering a free train-the-trainer course that will equip women to start a women’s cycling programme in their city.  ...

  3. News
    14 July 2022

    Urban Mobility Days 2022- Day 1 Programme now available

    As Urban Mobility Days fast approaches, we are delighted to share a preview of what we have in store for the first day of the programme. ...

  4. News
    14 July 2022

    Stricter rules for e-scooters: New law in Brussels goes further than the Belgian one

    On 1 July, new federal laws for the use of e-scooters in Belgium have come into place. The law puts in place several restrictions related to their use in an effort to address concerns over road safety and...

  5. News
    11 July 2022

    Walking and cycling: latest evidence to support policy-making and practice

    A new publication “Walking and cycling: latest evidence to support policy-making and practice” was launched by THE PEP on 3 June 2022 for World Bicycle Day, and presents a comprehensive case for why and how...

  6. News
    28 June 2022

    Madrid transforms area of northern rail station to an urban forest

    The renovation of Madrid’s northern rail station, including by installing an 'urban forest' is to be used to strengthen sustainable mobility as the backbone of access. ...

  7. News
    24 June 2022

    Sofia is launching an extensive sidewalk renewal programme

    Over the next four years, more than 690,000 square metres of sidewalks will be renovated in an effort to improve walking conditions throughout Bulgaria’s capital. ...

  8. News
    23 June 2022

    COVID-19 Impacts on Cycling in Europe and North America

    The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we accessed society. Research by Virginia Tech provides detailed analysis of how pro-cycling measures were introduced during and after the pandemic and some...

  9. News
    03 June 2022

    3 June is World Bicycle Day

    Today, 3 June 2022, is World Bicycle Day, which celebrates how increasing the amount we cycle benefits us in a number of ways. ...

  10. Event
    13 July 2022

    Sustainability Breakfast at Eurobike

    203 reads Language English Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) and CONEBI are hosting a "Sustainability Breakfast at Eurobike: Setting the scene for a sustainable cycling industry" at 10:00 in...