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  1. News
    14 January 2022

    Brussels to compensate drivers who get rid of their cars

    Brussels plans to pay people to get rid of their cars as part of a revamped sustainability initiative. ...

  2. News
    10 January 2022

    Open Mobility Foundation releases guidance for using Mobility Data Specification

    To support Mobility Data Specification (MDS) users in addressing privacy concerns, the Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) has formulated comprehensive guidance for applying MDS in the context of GDPR in the...

  3. Case study
    21 June 2021
  4. Event
    23 February 2022

    #DBUdigital Online Forum "Sustainable Mobility in the District"

    484 reads Language English #DBUdigital Online Forum "Sustainable Mobility in the District" Neighbourhoods are particularly important in mobility transitions because the every-day paths of most...

  5. Case study
    25 May 2021
  6. Case study
    17 May 2021
  7. Case study
    10 May 2021
  8. News
    15 November 2021

    Catalonia adds on-demand and express bus lines in the Lleida province

    In order to complement other public transport modes, the authorities in Catalonia have set up four new on-demand bus lines, along with a new express bus line in the Lleida province. ...

  9. Event
    31 January 2022

    e-smartec webinar on community engagement

    As part of the e-smartec project, the POLIS Network has organised two webinars to disseminate project findings at the end of Phase 1. The first webinar is dedicated to community engagement. ...

  10. News
    02 November 2021

    Coventry pays drivers £3,000 to give up their car and use public transport

    Coventry is piloting a scheme to encourage its residents to exchange their private car in return for £3,000 to spend on public transport and other travel services. ...