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  1. Case study
    11 July 2022

    Istanbul's new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    Istanbul has developed its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), the first in Turkey and for a mega city with a population of almost 16 million. ...

  2. News
    29 August 2022

    Piraeus to develop Strategic Transport Plan

    Piraeus will develop its Strategic Transport Plan focusing on access to central areas, trips between major destinations, connectivity among public transit services and upscaling public space use for a better...

  3. Event
    20 September 2022

    Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022

    791 reads Language English Save the date for Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022 The 2022 edition of Urban Mobility Days conference will take place on  20-22 September  in Brno, Czech Republic. We are...

  4. Event
    19 September 2022

    Third (and final!) CIVITAS Regional City Exchange Workshop

    29 reads Language English The third (and final!) CIVITAS ELEVATE Regional City Exchange Workshop will take place in Brno, Czech Republic  on 19-20 September 2022. The workshop, which is being held back-to...

  5. News
    16 August 2022

    Cologne to establish Mobility Council to support SUMP development

    Cologne plans to establish a Mobility Council of experts and interest groups in order to support the development of its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, starting in the autumn of 2022. ...

  6. News
    15 August 2022

    Podcast "Project EfficienCE- How data takes over transport planning"

    The podcast episode "Urban Data in Networked Cities and Regions" from the EfficienCE project discusses how transport planning can be designed more effectively while protecting the environment and...

  7. Event
    12 September 2022

    European Parking Association (EPA) Congress 2022

    846 reads Language English European Parking Association (EPA) Congress 2022 The theme of the 2022 European Parking Association (EPA) Congress and Exhibition  is “ The EU Green Deal and the Future of Parking...

  8. News
    03 August 2022

    Hungarian translation of the SUMP Topic Guide for Smaller Cities and Towns now available

    The SUMP Topic Guide for Smaller Cities and Towns, which support cities with a population of less than 100,000 in developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, is now available in Hungarian. ...

  9. Event
    31 August 2022

    6th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (CSUM 2022)

    1437 reads Language English CSUM 2022 The 6th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility – CSUM2022 will take place in Skiathos, Greece from  31 August- 2 September 2022. The theme of this year’s Conference...

  10. News
    14 July 2022

    Urban Mobility Days 2022- Day 1 Programme now available

    As Urban Mobility Days fast approaches, we are delighted to share a preview of what we have in store for the first day of the programme. ...