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  1. Tool
    29 April 2022

    EnerNETMob- The e-mobility best practice tool

    747 reads The EnerNETMob project proudly presents the e-mobility best practice tool. The tool highlights existing innovative practices, tools, solutions, and methods related to electromobility, to transfer...

  2. Event
    23 March 2022

    7th Annual Future of Transport Conference 2022

    2960 reads Language English 7th Annual Future of Transport Conference Over the past two years, the European transport sector has been impacted significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Passenger and freight...

  3. Case study
    15 June 2021
  4. News
    18 November 2021

    Autonomous boats on the Amsterdam Canals

    November 2021 sees the start of a whole new and innovative mobility offer in Amsterdam, with two autonomous boats, or 'roboats', starting to navigate the busy canals of the city. ...

  5. News
    16 November 2021

    Autonomous robot is delivering parcels in Helsinki

    A new autonomous, electric robot has been launched to deliver parcels as part of a pilot project in Helsinki. ...

  6. Event
    06 February 2022

    MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition 2022

    5756 reads Language English MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition 2022 The MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition, jointly organised and hosted by UITP and RTA Dubai, will be held on  6-8 February 2022 in...

  7. News
    27 October 2021

    Pilot with cargo drones in Metropolis GZM city of Sosnowiec

    Metropolis GZM are launching a series of tests with cargo drones in urban areas in the city of Sosnowiec, Poland. ...

  8. News
    15 October 2021

    SHOW Survey: Local regulation of shared, connected and automated mobility services

    The EU-funded SHOW project has launched an online public survey to gather opinions from a variety of stakeholders on which regulatory aspects need to be considered to create a level playing field for...

  9. Event
    30 November 2021

    LINC project webinar: Beyond the hype of collective autonomous mobility

    519 reads Language English LINC project webinar: Beyond the hype of collective autonomous mobility LINC is one of the largest projects working with autonomous collective mobility in Denmark. The project’s...

  10. Event
    23 November 2021

    How can technology support public transport?

    Digital innovations are improving people’s lives and opening opportunities for public transport, including increased efficiency, lowering costs and easier accessibility. But how exactly can we use technology...