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  1. News
    08 December 2021

    Commission seeks views on new initiative to facilitate journey planning and ticketing

    An open public consultation has been launched on a new legislative proposal on digital mobility services to facilitate journey planning and ticketing. The consultation is open until 23 February 2022. ...

  2. News
    11 November 2021

    Deutsche Bahn sets stage for further innovations in its car sharing services

    Deutsche Bahn has been operating its own car sharing services for 20 years and currently offers the largest car sharing network in Germany. The service has grown to include 4,500 vehicles that can be booked...

  3. News
    01 November 2021

    E-scooters allowed back into Copenhagen, although with restrictions

    After temporarily banning rented electric scooters from the city, Copenhagen is now allowing them back, although under certain conditions. ...

  4. News
    22 October 2021

    Prague launches a free bike sharing pilot for transit pass holders

    1139 reads On 11 October 2021, the city of Prague launched a pilot project offering free use of shared bikes to holders of the Lítačka pass, Prague’s electronic public transport card. The bikes can be used...

  5. Video
    05 January 2022

    Paris: The micromobility revolution

    Micromobility has emerged as a viable solution to some of the problems faced by cities. This video case study introduces the concept of micromobility and discusses some best practice examples from Paris. ...

  6. News
    30 September 2021

    Electric cargo bike-sharing scheme to be launched in London

    An electric cargo bike-sharing scheme is being launched in London to help the residents and businesses of three London Boroughs to save money, reduce emissions and carry heavy goods around more sustainably. ...

  7. News
    25 September 2021

    Why Cities Should Encourage More Electric Scooters

    If cities continue to ban or reject the idea of electric scooters, then these cities miss out on the various economic and environmental benefits of electric scooters. ...

  8. News
    13 September 2021

    Study identifies success factors for electric carsharing

    A recent study from the International Council on Clean Transportation has analysed electric carsharing schemes in Europe and North America to identify success factors and best practices. ...

  9. Event
    09 December 2021

    How can innovation increase micromobility end user adoption?

    379 reads Language English English In this webinar, taking place on 9 December 2021 at 11:00 CET, we will present EIT Urban Mobility’s first report on Micromobility, and tackle the question of how to...

  10. Event
    08 December 2021

    Shared Mobility 2nd World Conference

    18 May 2021. Event to discuss the emerging trends, challenges and solutions surrounding shared mobility. ...