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  1. Event
    02 December 2013

    Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems

    760 reads Language English English The main topic of this meeting will be the intermodal use of ITS in urban traffic. In order to continue and intensify the exchange of science and regular operation, one...

  2. Event
    07 November 2013

    Public workshop on smart ticketing

    533 reads Language English English Convinced that the recent ticketing evolution can facilitate access to public transport for European traveller’s, six cities of the Atlantic Area joined their actions...

  3. Event
    27 October 2013

    ACT Canada Sustainable Mobility Summit

    815 reads Language English Modal integration from vision to practice English The Sustainable Mobility Summit 2013 in Calgary, Alberta, will be a four-day conference featuring Canadian and international...

  4. Event
    18 June 2013

    Study Visit in Oslo Akershus- Norway

    801 reads Language English The Norwegian Capitale Region Mobility Model English The next visit of the European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities will be held in Oslo and Akershus on June 18 and 19, 2013...

  5. Event
    17 April 2013

    The future European strategy for intermodal transport

    1029 reads Language English English The FP7 project INTRAREGIO is organizing the first international conference on “A European research strategy for intermodal transport” which will be held in Las Palmas de...

  6. Event
    11 March 2013

    Conference cycle and Seminar “The high-speed train and its intermodality in medium-sized cities”

    650 reads Language English English During the week of March 11th to 15th a cycle of conferences and a seminar day will be organized in Barcelonaon the topic “The high-speed train and its intermodality in...

  7. Event
    06 February 2013

    INTERMODES 2013- 5th International Congress on Passenger Transport Intermodality

    1882 reads Language English Towards a mobile and sustainable Europe English INTERMODES is the 1st European Event entirely devoted to intermodal passenger transport. This B2B event will host for its 5th...

  8. Event
    22 November 2012

    Study visit of Geneva: the new intermodal mobility scheme

    980 reads Language English European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities English The next visit of the European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities will be held in Geneva on November 22, 2012. During...

  9. Event
    22 November 2012

    3rd EPTA workshop

    664 reads Language English Intermodality and co-modality: tools for sustainability English Accross the EU, local authorities are organising themselves to better answer to the new regulatory framework in...

  10. Video
    14 November 2012

    Urban race

    "Urban race" shows a race between a car driver, a cyclist and a surfer- presenting the challenges they are facing, using a specific mode of transport. Who is the winner?! Watch the video!  The...