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  1. Event
    22 November 2012

    Study visit of Geneva: the new intermodal mobility scheme

    980 reads Language English European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities English The next visit of the European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities will be held in Geneva on November 22, 2012. During...

  2. Event
    22 November 2012

    3rd EPTA workshop

    664 reads Language English Intermodality and co-modality: tools for sustainability English Accross the EU, local authorities are organising themselves to better answer to the new regulatory framework in...

  3. Video
    14 November 2012

    Urban race

    "Urban race" shows a race between a car driver, a cyclist and a surfer- presenting the challenges they are facing, using a specific mode of transport. Who is the winner?! Watch the video!  The...

  4. Event
    16 April 2012

    BUFTOD 2012

    740 reads Language English Building the urban future and Transit Oriented Development English The BUFTOD conference is a dedicated arena for the debate on Transit Oriented Development, allowing the crossing...

  5. Event
    29 February 2012

    IRU- EU Road Transport Conference

    959 reads Language English This afternoon event is organised by the IRU and focuses on identifying and discussing efficient solutions for making road transport greener. Topics include: Sustainable Solutions...

  6. Event
    08 February 2012


    1930 reads Language English English INTERMODES is the first international convention devoted to intermodality in passenger transport. For this fourth event, INTERMODES will welcome to the European capital...

  7. Event
    27 October 2011

    Transnational Forum

    1051 reads Language English How To make Sustainable Transport Easy To Use By All? English How To make Sustainable Transport Easy To Use By All? A key objective for local and regional authorities as part of...

  8. Event
    29 September 2011


    626 reads Language English English JOIN THE EUROPEAN CLUB of INTERMODAL REGIONS AND CITIES AND VISIT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC SITES. On Thursday 29 September 2011, Transport for London and the...

  9. Tool
    19 May 2011

    INTERCONNECT toolkit- improving intermodal travel

    2038 reads There is potential for greater efficiency and reducing environmental impact of passenger transport by improving the connections between different modes or networks of transport. The INTERCONNECT...

  10. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Integrated transport chains

    4491 reads The increasing complexity of mobility not only in urban areas but also in long-distance journeys results in widespread congestion, economic and environmental problems. Against the door-to-door...