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  1. Event
    10 May 2016

    SmartMove training seminar on rural mobility marketing

    5992 reads Language English Using Active Mobility Consultancy to reverse declining public transport use English Learn how the Active Mobility Consulting (AMC) marketing approach, combined with proactive...

  2. Event
    14 April 2016


    2257 reads Language Portuguese El nuevo paradigma de la movilidad en las ciudades Portuguese AGENDA VII FORO CIVITAS ESPAÑA Y PORTUGAL, 14-15 de abril de 2016 El nuevo paradigma de la Movilidad en las...

  3. Tool
    12 April 2016

    NODES interchange benchmark tool

    2985 reads The NODES project, a European project which focused on the efficient integration of public transport services, has created an open-access benchmark tool that allows policymakers and managers of...

  4. Event
    04 March 2016

    Study tour: Attractive nodes and e-buses

    3597 reads Language English English Umeå Central is the newly rebuilt urban railway station of the city of Umeå in Sweden. It is an example of how planning, architecture and art can be combined together to...

  5. Event
    18 February 2016

    Unlocking Urban Mobility Behaviour Change

    3005 reads Language English Joint Project Conference: MOBI, PTP-CYCLE, STARS The event will bring you results and insights drawn from three European co-funded projects on sustainable mobility with the aim...

  6. Forum topic
    14 December 2015

    Bristol, Europe’s Green Capital in 2015, unveils city toolkit

    In 2015, the city of Bristol has been Europe’s Green Capital. This was also an outcome of 40 years of environmental efforts with great progress in many areas. Now, Bristol is willing to help other cities...

  7. Event
    30 November 2015

    CIVITAS Webinar: Bikes on Buses

    3316 reads Language English How bikes can be transported on bus lines English The members of the CIVITAS 'Collective Passenger Transport' Thematic Group  will debate and learn from the CIVITAS...

  8. Event
    19 November 2015

    2015 Annual Polis Conference

    10561 reads Language English Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions English The Annual Polis Conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport...

  9. Event
    03 November 2015

    Free webinars on sustainable urban mobility

    The SOLUTIONS project is launching a series of free webinars that will help urban mobility professionals gain knowledge on how to make transport in cities more sustainable. The webinars will run for one...

  10. Event
    21 October 2015

    Rural Sustainable Mobility and a Proactive Marketing Approach

    5213 reads Language English SmartMove training seminar English Join the SmartMove seminar to learn how the Active Mobility Consulting (AMC) marketing approach, combined with proactive mobility measures, can...