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  1. News
    07 April 2022

    Brussels air quality initiative highlights differences in air pollution between rich and poor

    Results from an air quality project carried out in Brussels, Belgium has highlighted differentiations between air pollution levels across different neighbourhoods. ...

  2. News
    21 March 2022

    European Commission announces winners of Women in Rail Award

    The winners of the Women in Rail awards (best employer, best initiative against harassment, best improvement in inclusion in the workplace and rising Star award) have been announced as part of International...

  3. News
    15 March 2022

    Oslo and Amsterdam performing best on the way to sustainable mobility

    A recent Clean Cities Campaign report examined how cities are performing on their journey towards sustainable urban mobility, with Oslo and Amsterdam performing best. ...

  4. News
    24 February 2022

    New measures on scooter misuse to be implemented in Brussels

    Micromobility has been a welcome addition in increasing the mobility of residents whilst producing low carbon emissions, however the misuse of the personal mobility devices has been creating problems for...

  5. News
    19 November 2021

    The TRIMIS website revamp has now been published

    TRIMIS is an open-access knowledge management system that consists of a large database of EU-funded and nationally-funded transport research projects and programmes together with an inventory of transport...

  6. Tool
    04 October 2021

    MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator

    The MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator supports cities and countries in calculating GHG emissions in transport as well as developing and evaluating climate scenarios of passenger and freight transport for...

  7. Event
    20 September 2021

    ITS Forum: 'Future mobility trends – digitalisation opportunities'

    10305 reads Language English 5th event of the Web ITS Forum English 'Future mobility trends – digitalisation opportunities' is the 5th event of the Web ITS Forum and organised in cooperation by...

  8. Event
    08 September 2021

    ICSD 2021: 9th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 8- 9 September Rome, Italy

    1590 reads Language English Sustainable Development Conference ICSD 2020 English European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Technology will organise the 9th...

  9. Event
    02 September 2021

    Citizen science and traffic counting

    Thursday 2 September, 09:00 Thursday 2 September, 12:30 Online ...

  10. Tool
    09 August 2021

    EIB technical note 'ITS procurement for urban mobility'

    The EIB technical note on ITS procurement for urban mobility aims to support local authorities with procuring intelligent transport systems (ITS), and to overcome difficulties often encountered with ITS...