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  1. News
    20 September 2022

    Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022- Currently underway

    The Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022 is now underway. This year’s theme is ‘Moving people and goods more sustainably.’ ...

  2. News
    16 September 2022

    The end of Germany's €9 nationwide monthly transport ticket

    The duration of Germany’s popular €9 transport ticket experiment has come to an end. ...

  3. News
    09 September 2022

    Voi’s latest survey reports that micro-mobility is reducing car usage across Europe

    This year’s survey conducted by Voi Technology indicates that 36% of e-scooter riders have greatly or completely reduced their use of private transportation due to micro-mobility. ...

  4. News
    30 August 2022

    Support offered to disadvantaged Italians to purchase public transport tickets

    Italy has introduced a voucher that those on lower incomes can use to buy an annual or monthly public transport ticket. ...

  5. Event
    20 September 2022

    Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022

    791 reads Language English Save the date for Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022 The 2022 edition of Urban Mobility Days conference will take place on  20-22 September  in Brno, Czech Republic. We are...

  6. News
    11 August 2022

    Urban rail expansion in Dublin will transform commuter mobility

    Irish transport authorities apply for mayor extensions of the greater Dublin area rail network, starting with its DART+WEST project connecting central Dublin with western towns of the area. ...

  7. News
    05 August 2022

    Summit on EU investment for the decarbonisation of public transport

    Local leaders urge fast-tracking of EU investment into clean public transport. ...

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    04 August 2022

    Spanish government to finance ticket price reduction to promote public transport

    Spanish transport ticket prices are to be reduced for residents in the face of extraordinary price increases for fuel. ...

  9. News
    29 July 2022

    New trams begin to arrive in Bucharest

    A year ago, Bucharest committed to spending €200 million on 100 new trams and €600 million to renovate the tracks. The first new trams are now arriving in the Romanian capital. ...

  10. News
    27 July 2022

    Germany is trialling a €9 national monthly transport pass

    Germany's trial with a subsidised public transport pass, which gives holders access to all buses, trams, metros and regional trains for only €9 a month, is approaching its half-way point. ...