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  1. Event
    14 December 2022

    Mediterranean cities and climate change: making the urban transport sector more resilient and less impactful

    27 lectures Langue Anglais Make urban mobility more resilient to climate change English On 14 December 2022 at 10:00- 11:30 CET, UNIMED, in collaboration with Area Science Park and MedCities, is holding the...

  2. News
    24 November 2022

    New TRIMIS policy briefs: Research and innovation in urban mobility

    Recently published policy briefs highlight successes and focus areas for solutions in EU mobility and logistics research. ...

  3. News
    22 November 2022

    German government approves a €49 monthly travel pass

    The German federal and regional governments have agreed to introduce a €49 monthly travel pass. The pass will give holders unlimited access to regional trains, metros and bus services all over the country. ...

  4. Tool
    09 December 2022

    SUMP-PLUS: Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool

    The Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool has been developed to fill that knowledge gap and assist cities in identifying a suitable mix of high-level policy strategies, and their timings, that will achieve...

  5. Tool
    06 December 2022

    Policy Brief on Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change

    278 de afişări 'Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change' is the topic of the fourth Policy Brief issued by the Urban Transports Community. This policy brief describes the main impacts of...

  6. News
    01 November 2022

    New survey investigates gender equality in the transport sector

    A consortium of transport stakeholders working towards gender equality in the mobility sector is undertaking a project, which will be examining the barriers and opportunities for improving gender balance...

  7. News
    24 October 2022

    An evaluation of CIVITAS projects reveals their impact on urban mobility

    CIVITAS celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022 with a review and evaluation of the 35 projects that have been implemented in the last decade. The results demonstrate the benefits of CIVITAS projects for...

  8. Event
    14 November 2022


    437 reads Language English Transport Research Arena 2022 Conference TRA2022-   Transport Research Arena Conference 2022, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility....

  9. News
    19 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    The presentations and recordings from Urban Mobility Days 2022 are now available for you to revisit the event in full. ...

  10. News
    17 October 2022

    The actions taken by Paris deliver as cars are leaving the city

    The proportion of journeys by car in Paris has dropped by about 45% since 1990, as a result of the wide range of measures that the city has put in place to support and promote other modes. Other cities in...