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    14 March 2023

    Collaboration aims to deliver safer urban mobility for the visually impaired

    A leading micro-mobility operator has partnered with an app that supports the mobility of those with visual impairments to improve the safety of those who are blind and visually impaired when they are moving...

  2. News
    13 March 2023

    Report shows increased use of micro-mobility options in urban areas

    A new report sheds light on the emerging urban mobility trends in the UK and Europe. The report is based on the behaviour of 48 million app users across Europe and highlights the increasing demand for micro...

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    10 March 2023

    SAFE-UP: A shared vision to tackle shared road safety issues

    injury and death have been on the rise worldwide... "The good news is that there are numerous ...

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    09 March 2023

    HARMONY publishes Guidelines on Modelling tools for SUMPs in the new mobility era

    The HARMONY project under the CIVITAS initiative, an EU-funded programme focused on sustainable and smart mobility, has published Guidelines on Modelling tools for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in...

  5. News
    08 March 2023

    Paris facilitates travel for people with disabilities for Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024

    Paris prepares additional transport services for persons with reduced mobility to meet the expected visitor needs during the Olympic an Paralympic Games in summer 2024. ...

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    07 March 2023

    “That’s not feasible without a car"- Just Transition webinar explores

    POLIS' Just Transition Webinar series kicked off with a deep dive into car usage in cities, the why's, where's, how's... and what policymakers can do to shift car-oriented mindsets. ...

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    06 March 2023

    EU road safety figures show that fatalities are still below pre-pandemic levels

    The European Commission has released preliminary figures on road accident fatalities for 2022. These show a 3% increase compared to the second year of the pandemic (2021), although they are 10% lower than...

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    03 March 2023

    ETSC and PACTS set out safety recommendations for e-scooters and their riders

    Recommendations have been set out in a new report on safer technical standards for e-scooters and safer e-scooter usage rules in Europe. ...

  9. News
    02 March 2023

    Braga, Sofia and Zagreb among the finalists for European Urban Mobility Awards

    Six finalists have been shortlisted for the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK award 2022 and the new MOBILITYACTION award promoting mobility management. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in Ghent on 23...

  10. News
    28 February 2023

    The cathode materials market for EVs: trends, challenges, & solutions

    35 de afişări Cobalt-free cathodes are being developed rapidly. While they still haven’t reached the energy density of the most used NMC cathodes, some OEMs have already switched to compositions like LFP in...