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  1. Case study
    18 October 2022

    Kosovar city of Mitrovica South nominated as finalist of 10th SUMP Award

    The Kosovar city of Mitrovica South was nominated as a finalist of the 10th Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP Award). ...

  2. Case study
    18 October 2022

    Madrid: Finalist in 10th SUMP award with ambitious 'Madrid 360 plan'

    Madrid was nominated as a finalist of the 10th SUMP Award in 2022, due to its latest Madrid 360 Plan that includes ambitious goals and detailed key performance indicators until the year 2030. ...

  3. Case study
    23 August 2022

    Local governance of micromobility – The Paris example

    This case study presents a best practice example of the local governance and legal aspects of micromobility, and more specifically, of free-floating electric scooters (e-scooters), in the city of Paris. ...

  4. Case study
    17 August 2022

    The Experiment of the Summer Street in Turku

    In 2021, Turku decided to run an experiment to test what a street design focused on people would look like and how specific stakeholder groups would react to it. ...

  5. Case study
    25 July 2022

    Creating gender-equal shared mobility services

    New research examining women’s cycle share patterns provides insights into creating more gender equal services. ...

  6. Case study
    11 July 2022

    Istanbul's new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    Istanbul has developed its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), the first in Turkey and for a mega city with a population of almost 16 million. ...

  7. Case study
    14 December 2021

    Mobility management- insights and examples to successful implementation

    This case study provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of mobility management, presents the relevant guidelines and tools available to urban planners and mobility practitioners, and highlights some...

  8. Case study
    16 November 2021

    Road safety coaching for municipalities across the Flemish region

    The Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) is rolling out a comprehensive programme of road safety training and an awareness campaign that is supporting the achievement of the vision zero across the...

  9. Case study
    25 October 2021

    WeCount project: Advancing sustainable mobility through citizen science

    If urban mobility is to be truly sustainable, it must be designed around the needs of the public. This case study looks at citizen science proving an effective tool for generating and analysing data on urban...

  10. Case study
    22 October 2021

    Graz Mobility Contracts for sustainable mobility in new developments

    The City of Graz has experienced a strong population growth for at least the last 10 years, and the development of new residential and mixed-use areas has added traffic pressure to the city’s road network....