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  1. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014

    European Investment Bank loans and guarantees

    17359 reads The European Investment Bank (EIB) offers either direct loans and guarantees for large-scale projects (over €25 million) or intermediated loans and guarantees for small and medium-scale projects...

  2. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014


    25153 reads The ELENA programme covers up to 90 per cent of the technical cost to prepare large energy efficiency and renewables projects. This can help with obtaining financing, especially from private...

  3. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014


    29466 reads The JASPERS programme gives technical assistance to prepare high quality major projects to be financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds in the new EU member states (Bulgaria,...

  4. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014

    European Energy Efficiency Fund

    16775 reads The  European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) focuses on energy efficiency, small-scale renewable energy, and clean urban transport projects. It targets municipal, local and regional authorities...

  5. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014


    18144 reads URBACT III supports interregional co-operation. It co-finances the creation of networks of cities to develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges, by learning from one another. The...

  6. Financement de l'UE
    16 December 2014

    Innovative actions in sustainable urban development

    19198 reads This new programme will test new approaches, through pilot projects, to the challenges faced by cities. Projects will be selected through calls for proposals; the first call is to be published...

  7. Financement de l'UE
    29 October 2015


    23559 reads The JESSICA programme supports sustainable urban development through financial engineering mechanisms. Concretely, EU member states can choose to invest some of their EU structural fund...

  8. Financement de l'UE
    29 October 2015

    The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

    19125 reads The  European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) is the tool set up for the ‘Juncker Investment Plan ’. It consists of a €21 bn guarantee from the Commission and the European Investment Bank ...

  9. Event
    27 October 2014

    5th Florence Urban Forum

    8612 reads Language English Energy Efficiency in Urban Public Transport English Security of energy supply as well as reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is currently high on the European policy...

  10. Event
    10 February 2015

    Winter Cycling Congress 2015

    2240 reads Language English The Winter Cycling Congress 2015 Leeuwarden is about uniting communities of all climates, sizes and levels of bicycle development who share the ambition to make two-wheeled...