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  1. News
    01 February 2023

    Life After Linear: Making EV Batteries Circular

    Bax & Company's new 'Life After Linear' series breaks down a clear, circular story for some of the most important material value chains of Europe’s low-carbon future. ...

  2. News
    30 January 2023

    Italy to install 21 000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2026

    The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) has announced that it will be allocating €713 million for the development of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in the country. ...

  3. News
    19 January 2023

    Greece offers incentives to taxi owners to buy an electric taxi

    A €40 million Green Taxi programme launched by the Greek government aims to replace around 2,000 old taxis in the country with new electric taxis. ...

  4. News
    03 January 2023

    Portugal approves bikes purchase incentive for 2023

    The incentive encouraging Portuguese people to purchase low-emission vehicles (LEVs) has been extended to conventional and electric bicycles, cargo-bikes, two-wheel motorcycles, and electric mopeds, for 2023...

  5. News
    26 December 2022

    How can we extract more value from retired EV batteries?

    Dive into COBRA's latest Market Intelligence Report on extracting more value from retired EV batteries. ...

  6. News
    09 December 2022

    Expectations and Success Factors for Urban Air Mobility in Europe

    The new EIT Urban Mobility report on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) provides insights on what future applications for UAM in Europe could look like. ...

  7. News
    07 December 2022

    A second micro hydrogen refuelling station to be delivered in Slovakia

    A second micro Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) will be delivered and installed in Slovakia to supply hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) users in the public. This follows an order for a micro...

  8. Event
    15 December 2022

    Virtual Horizon Europe Info Days

    9 reads Language English The Info Days for Horizon Europe Cluster 5- Climate, Energy & Mobility- will now be fully virtual  instead if hybrid on 15-16 December 2022.  The virtual Info Days will present...

  9. Event
    07 December 2022

    Europe’s Rail 2022 Innovation Days

    17 reads Language English The third edition of the annual Europe’s Rail 2022 Innovation Days will take place online on 7 December 2022. The event is an opportunity for the European railway and transport...

  10. News
    17 November 2022

    The path towards e-mobility in public entities

    Regulations, costs, bumps on the road; the NOEMIX project can help public entities on the path towards e- mobility. ...