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  1. Case study
    10 May 2023

    Lessons from six cities implementing LEZs through the ReVeAL project

    The Horizon 2020 ReVeAL project – Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Liveability – examined how UVARs could support cities to develop new mobility management strategies, as well as explored the...

  2. Case study
    29 March 2023

    Venezia in Classe A: Improving home-school and home-work journeys in Venice (Italy)

    Through the Venezia in Classe A project, the City of Venice developed a new mobility plan for daily home-school and home-work journeys to promote new forms of sustainable mobility. ...

  3. Case study
    20 March 2023

    Co-development and co-implementation of sustainable mobility measures in the Törökőr neighbourhood of Budapest

    This case study shares how to develop, implement, assess and facilitate co-learning about new, collaborative ways to address common urban mobility challenges at the urban district level through neighbourhood...

  4. Case study
    20 February 2023

    SUMP for the Naples Metropolitan Area

    This case study discusses the SUMP of the city of Naples functional urban area, which is a highly urbanised and densely populated territory, a vulnerable area due to the seismic and volcanic risk, and a TEN...

  5. Case study
    16 February 2023

    Latest developments and social acceptance of drones as part of Urban Air Mobility

    This case study focuses on ongoing projects which combine innovation, underline the need for the standardisation of the activity, and reveal an unveiled ambition for research into the public perception of...

  6. Case study
    15 December 2022

    Restricting car access to the old town area of Bielefeld

    Bielefeld started its project “altstadt.raum” (‘old town space’) in January 2021, with the main objective being to strengthen the functions of the Old Town as an attractive and liveable space for socialising...

  7. Case study
    15 December 2022

    SUMP monitoring tool supporting the implementation of mobility measures in the functional urban area of Brno

    The City of Brno has designed and developed a tool that aims to help mobility planners attain an overview of the potential impact of the mobility measures put in place as part of their SUMP. ...

  8. Case study
    29 November 2022

    SUMP for the city of Utrecht

    The Dutch city of Utrecht has been successful in promoting the use of sustainable means of transport over recent years, and this case study looks at the city’s mobility policy and plans in its latest SUMP. ...

  9. Case study
    28 November 2022

    Multi-modal Optimisation for Road-space in Europe

    The EU-funded MORE project (Multi-modal optimisation for road-space in Europe) has developed a comprehensive process for the allocation of road space. It considers the impact on all road users, while also...

  10. Case study
    21 November 2022