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    24 October 2023

    JRC publishes research reports on transport safety and resilience

    The JRC has published a new policy report on "Research and Innovation in Transport Safety and Resilience in Europe”, along with two policy briefs dedicated to the key findings for each pillar of the...

  2. News
    23 October 2023

    European Road Safety Observatory: Report on the risks of driving under the influence and results of the Excellence in...

    The European Road Safety Observatory have published a new thematic report focusing on driving under the influence, and announced the winners of the Urban Mobility Award in road safety as the Municipality of...

  3. News
    19 October 2023

    Amsterdam prepares drivers for the introduction of 30 km/h speed limit

    Amsterdam have started an information campaign using road signs to announce a change of speed limit coming into force from 8 December 2023 for 80% of its streets. ...

  4. News
    18 October 2023

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2023

    The Urban Mobility Days 2023 conference was held in Seville, Spain on 4-6 October 2023. For those who weren’t able to join the sessions live, or for those who want to re-live any part of the three days, we...

  5. News
    16 October 2023

    Milan mandates the installation of sensors on trucks to improve safety

    Trucks in the Italian city of Milan are now required to install sensors and adhere stickers to warn vulnerable road users of blind spots in order to increase safety. ...

  6. Video
    23 October 2023

    1st Outta Climate Festival: The biggest Asphalt Art in Greece is out there!

    "Using art as a tool for Vision Zero " was the core message of the 1st Outta Climate Festival that was hosted on  22 September 2023 in Agios Dimitrios (municipality in Athens Metropolitan Area)....

  7. Event
    19 October 2023

    Excellence in Road safety Awards 2023

    176 Aufrufe Sprache Englisch Registration to attend the annual Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2023  is now open. The ceremony will be take place on Thursday 19 October 2023 13:00- 17:15 CET in Brussels...

  8. News
    20 September 2023

    Improving safety: EU Road Safety Exchange and Road Safety Awards

    The second phase of the EU Road Safety Exchange Project and the EU's annual Road Safety Awards both aim to increase awareness of safe mobility solutions in order to help reduce accident casualties in...

  9. Event
    29 September 2023

    Become a SCALE-UP Fellow City: Call for applications now open!

    17 olvasás Nyelv angol English Where do long-distance transport and urban mobility come together? What does it take for local authorities to transform their transport systems towards more sustainable,...

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    20 September 2023

    European Rail Safety Days 2023

    88 reads Language English European Rail Safety Days will take place this year from 20-22 September 09:00-14:00 CET in Tallinn, Estonia.  The focus of the conference is how to nurture a  learning railway...