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    06 October 2021

    Podcast: Mobility planning at the neighbourhood level

    Bringing together the two very different scales – the city-wide level needed for integrated planning and the people-oriented on-the-ground neighbourhood level – is a tricky balance of communication, trust...

  2. Tool
    04 October 2021

    MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator

    mobility plans (SUMPs) and national urban mobility policies and investment programmes (NUMPs). The tool is ... Juin 2020...

  3. Tool
    07 September 2021

    Toolbox for Mobility Management

    The Toolbox for Mobility Management, as part of the cities.multimodal project, provides knowledge on the topic of Mobility Management as an important approach to promote sustainable and multimodal travel...

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    09 August 2021

    EIB technical note 'ITS procurement for urban mobility'

    The EIB technical note on ITS procurement for urban mobility aims to support local authorities with procuring intelligent transport systems (ITS), and to overcome difficulties often encountered with ITS...

  5. Tool
    28 April 2021

    SUMP Poster: Planning the Sustainable City

    видяно 271 пъти Inspired by success stories from European cities that have implemented Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), the SUMP poster illustrates the sustainable planning process for transport in...

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    23 February 2021

    SUMP-Central Competence Centre

    good practice, exemplary SUMPs, tools and resources for local planning authorities and urban ... teach yourself or other stakeholders about SUMP processes; practical tools to evaluate SUMP processes ... ...

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    12 February 2021

    Big Messages brochure: Lessons for co-creative mobility initiatives in neighbourhoods

    A brochure on “big messages” of co-creation has been published capturing the lessons learned by H2020 projects funded under the topic “urban mobility in neighbourhoods” (Cities-4-People, Metamorphosis and...

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    09 September 2020

    PoliVisu Webinar on Traffic Modelling

    Additionally, PoliVisu experts will explain what inputs are needed to run the tool, and what benefits one can ...

  9. Tool
    27 August 2020

    The PoliVisu Toolbox: Learn How to Use Big Data to Create Visualisations to Support Policy Work

    to use big data to create visualisations that support their policy work. The tool has been designed ... support the story, for example, from the data used to the software tools, the visualisation created,...

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    27 August 2020

    Webinar on Dynamic Visualisations for Analysing Road & Traffic Accident Data

    intuitive way than isolated bar charts or static maps. This webinar recording presents the WebGLayer tool as ...