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    10 February 2023

    Mobility as a service partnership delivers in Lisbon and in neighbouring Évora

    The implementation of Mobility as a Service in the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Évora has taken a significant step forward as a result of cooperation between a local software developer, a payment provider...

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    09 February 2023

    Checking your pedestrian accessibility to public transport stops in Gdansk

    City planners in Gdansk can now use the 'Pedestrian Accessibility Model'- a mapping 'tool' to assess pedestrian accessibility to public transport stops. ...

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    08 February 2023

    Programme in London Borough of Lewisham promotes greenery and clean mobility

    emergency.” Article published first at South London News on 17 December 2022. Photo Credit: SevenMaps ...

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    07 February 2023

    New webinar series exploring the Just Transition for urban mobility

    Across several online events in February and March 2023, a series will traverse the multifaceted ways affordability, gender-related mobility patterns, age, cognitive capacities (and more), can guide the...

  5. News
    06 February 2023

    European Sustainable Energy Week has launched its 2023 Call for Awards!

    European Sustainable Energy Week 2023’s Call for Awards is on the lookout for inspiring projects, actions & talented women. Deadline closes 9 February 2023. ...

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    02 February 2023

    Accessibility of stores by a 15-minute walk in Helsinki

    first at Mirage News on 13 December 2022. Finland Policy and research Link to original article ...

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    01 February 2023

    Life After Linear: Making EV Batteries Circular

    Bax & Company's new 'Life After Linear' series breaks down a clear, circular story for some of the most important material value chains of Europe’s low-carbon future. ...

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    31 January 2023

    First-of-its-kind incident data involving shared e-scooters published

    Industry association Micro-Mobility for Europe has shed light on the debate around the safety of shared e-scooters by providing aggregated incident data from its six founding members on the volume and...

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    30 January 2023

    Italy to install 21 000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2026

    The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) has announced that it will be allocating €713 million for the development of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in the country. ...

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    27 January 2023

    Gender equal mobility: beyond the ‘vulnerable user’ paradigm

    That our urban mobility systems fail women is no secret; however, an enduring perception of women as ‘vulnerable users’ is obstructing the comprehensive change demanded. We urgently need to view women as...