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  1. Event
    26 June 2022

    World Urban Forum (WUF11)

    4127 reads Language English World Urban Forum, Poland, 26-30 June 2022 The World Urban Forum (WUF) is the premier global conference on sustainable urbanisation. WUF was convened by the United Nations Human...

  2. Event
    23 June 2020

    Webinar: Urban transport innovation in the aftermath of COVID-19

    23 June 2020 at 11:00 CEST. Webinar on developing urban mobility solutions following the COVID-19 crisis. ...

  3. Event
    08 April 2020

    Webinar: Street planning during uncertain times

    WEBINAR Wednesday 8 April: COVID has disrupted daily life and transportation services around the world. Find out how many different cities around the world are nimbly adapting to these challenges. ...

  4. Event
    01 July 2020

    Webinar: Reclaiming Street Space for Cycling and Walking

    1 July 2020 at 14:00-15:30 BST. Webinar on creating space for active modes such as walking and cycling. ...

  5. Event
    29 June 2020

    Webinar: MaaS in the post-pandemic era

    Public and private MaaS actors and stakeholders from the PriMaaS project regions will discuss MaaS challenges in two webinars; the first webinar will take place on 29 June 2020 at 15:00-16:00 CEST, the...

  6. Event
    09 April 2020

    Webinar: IT support to public transport during the COVID-19 crisis

    1077 reads Language English This webinar is organised in the framework of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. It aims to discuss IT support to sustain the public transport business through the...

  7. Event
    18 June 2020

    Webinar: COVID-19 SUMP guidance – have your say!

    COVID-19 SUMP Practitioners Briefing- draft for review now available to download. ...

  8. Event
    22 July 2020

    Webinar on improving the traveller experience with real-time planning and incentives

    22 July 2020 at 15:00 BST. Webinar on how transport agencies can instil trust in their riders following the COVID-19 crisis. ...

  9. News
    22 April 2020

    Vienna opened four temporary pedestrian priority zones on Good Friday

    2532 reads The Austrian capital of Vienna installed nine additional, but temporary pedestrian priority zones to ease conditions for walking outside during restrictions related to the COVID-19 crisis. Four...

  10. Event
    30 April 2020

    Vianova Webinar: Managing micro-mobility through and after the COVID-19 crisis

    This webinar taking place on 30 April 2020 at 10:00 CEST will address the management of micro-mobility through the COVID-19 crisis. ...