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  1. Event
    09 October 2024

    The International Mobility Summit

    501 Aufrufe Sprache Englisch English Get inspired, meet industry peers, connect with future clients and partners. Join innovators, dreamers, and policy makers and meet the shapeshifters changing the way we...

  2. Event
    11 September 2024

    ICSD 2024: 12th International Conference on Sustainable Development

    1812 reads Language English Sustainable Development Conference ICSD 2024 English The European Center of Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Technology, will organise the...

  3. Event
    24 June 2024

    EUBCE 2024 – 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    8 olvasás Nyelv angol English EUBCE 2024 – 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 24-27 June 2024, Marseille, France EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world. Each year,...

  4. Event
    11 June 2024

    EUSEW 2024

    4 reads Lingwa English Welcome to the 18th edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)! Under the theme: ‘Net-zero competitiveness driving EU energy transition’, EUSEW 2024 will take place in...

  5. Event
    02 April 2024

    Connecting Europe Days 2024

    3 reads Language English Connecting Europe Days 2024 conference will take place 2-5 April in Brussels, Belgium. It brings together politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport...

  6. Event
    09 November 2023

    'Trolley90 & its sustainable future' Conference

    20 olvasás Nyelv angol English The 'Trolley90 & its sustainable futur e ' conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary  on the 9 November 2023. The trolleybus system of Budapest will celebrate...

  7. News
    18 October 2023

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2023

    The Urban Mobility Days 2023 conference was held in Seville, Spain on 4-6 October 2023. For those who weren’t able to join the sessions live, or for those who want to re-live any part of the three days, we...

  8. Event
    04 October 2023

    Urban Mobility Days 2023

    358 lectures Langue Anglais Urban Mobility Days conference, from  4 to 6 October 2023 in Seville, Spain, brings together the European Commission, politicians, academics, NGOs, local authorities, industry...

  9. News
    04 October 2023

    Malta embarking on EUR 20 million electric bus venture

    Malta Public Transport is embarking on a €20 million initiative to electrify the nation's public transportation network. ...

  10. Event
    02 October 2023

    PIARC World Road Congress 2023

    7 afişări Limba Engleză The  XXVIIth edition of the PIARC World Road Congress, held every four years, will take place  in Prague from 2–6 October 2023. The theme is  “Prague 2023 – Together on the road...