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  1. Event
    10 October 2023

    The International Mobility Summit 2022

    11 reads Language English English Get inspired, meet industry peers, connect with future clients and partners. Join innovators, dreamers, and policy makers and meet the shapeshifters changing the way we...

  2. Event
    06 September 2023

    hEART 2023

    4x přečteno Jazyk Anglicky The 11th hEART Symposium will take place from 6-8 September, 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland. Short papers of 2000-3000 words are invited for submission by 1st of March 2023....

  3. Event
    22 May 2023

    ITS European Congress 2023

    899 de afişări Limba Engleză The 15th ITS European Congress hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe and Lisboa Câmara Municipal will take place in Lisbon, Portugal  from 22-24 May 2023. The theme of the 15th ITS...

  4. Event
    16 April 2023

    Automotive week 2023

    %countx prebrano Jezik Angleščina Automotive Week 2023 will take place from  16-19 April in Helmond, the Netherlands. Across four days, tailored topics will be discussed to provide a full picture of the...

  5. News
    28 March 2023

    Digital Twins predict future Autonomous Vehicle crash scenarios

    The SAFE-UP project has published a summary of its deliverable 2.4 which focuses on the necessary steps in developing a simulation environment that can model future safety-critical scenarios involving fully...

  6. Event
    22 March 2023

    AUTOMONY Mobility 2023

    4x přečteno Jazyk Anglicky AUTONOMY Mobility takes place in March each year in Paris, France. The 2023 event takes place from 22-23 March. The theme this year is  Empowering the Shift from Motorist to...

  7. Event
    21 March 2023

    Amsterdam Drone Week

    3 reads Language English Amsterdam Drone Week conference will take place from  21-23 March 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Amsterdam Drone Week is the first official European platform for users,...

  8. Event
    21 March 2023

    DG MOVE stakeholder conference on mitigating the social impact of the transition to automation and digitalisation in...

    28 reads Language English To prepare a Recommendation on how to mitigate the impact of the transition to automation and digitalisation on the transport workforce, the European Commission’s Directorate...

  9. News
    10 March 2023

    SAFE-UP: A shared vision to tackle shared road safety issues

    In the SAFE-UP project's latest newsletter, Lisa Spellman, Director of the Vulnerable Road User Safety Consortium, stresses the importance of having a common vision and mission with organisations...

  10. News
    06 January 2023

    New automated metro line to be installed in Madrid

    A new driverless metro line will be installed in the Nuevo Norte district in Madrid after being approved by the government on the 14 December. ...