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  1. News
    22 September 2023

    Seville's cycling revolution: Urban Mobility Days explores!

    Ahead of the European Commission’s flagship urban mobility conference, Eltis spoke to one panellist, Manuel Calvo Salazar, an independent consultant on eco-urbanism, sustainable mobility and transport and...

  2. News
    05 September 2023

    New resources available for accelerating the deployment of sustainable mobility innovation

    FastTrack achieved a number of impressive milestones and a number of key resources were created which future cities can use as they work to implement sustainable mobility innovations in their communities. ...

  3. News
    17 August 2023

    Steps for a successful car-free day

    To support cities and regions in developing and implementing a successful car-free day, EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK published guidance for practitioners. ...

  4. News
    15 August 2023

    The city of Cuneo launches a bike station

    On 4 July, the Italian city of Cuneo inaugurated a new bike station, equipped with 50 safe and secure parking spots for bicycles and also offering free e-bike charging. ...

  5. Tool
    23 August 2023

    CIVITAS FastTrack- Cycling in the Urban and Functional Urban Area FactSheet

    Cycling in the urban and functional urban area was explored by FastTrack cities, who focused on the potential of (e-)bike technologies and bike sharing schemes with respect to creating more sustainable...

  6. News
    11 August 2023

    Malta promotes participation in EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2023 by offering a grant scheme

    Malta opens two competitions to support local council and NGOs in tackling congestion, air pollution and lack of accessibility, by working for pedestrian and cycling schemes in the line of the 2023 European...

  7. News
    03 August 2023

    Steps towards a cycling revolution: Jill Warren on the future of pedal power for all

    Jill Warren, CEO of European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), who will join the Urban Mobility Days' panel in Seville, shares why securing a brighter future for cycling is critical and how the sector needs...

  8. News
    31 July 2023

    Portugal has published its pedestrian strategy until 2030

    The Portuguese National Strategy for Active Pedestrian Mobility proposes to increase the modal share of pedestrian journeys to 35% by 2030 and several measures to help to achieve this. ...

  9. News
    18 July 2023

    Turku's cyclists and pedestrians can choose the shortest, greenest or cleanest route

    Turku has provided its cyclists and pedestrians with a new navigation tool that allows users to use a wider range of criteria than usual to select their preferred routes. ...

  10. News
    08 June 2023

    Four European cities awarded for their efforts to improve cycling

    Four European cities have been awarded by European Cyclists’ Federation for their efforts to make their cities more cycling friendly and safer for all road users. ...