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  1. Event
    03 June 2023

    World Bicycle Day 2023

    3 lectures Langue Anglais World Bicycle Day  on  3 June 2023 draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle — a simple, affordable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation....

  2. Event
    22 May 2023

    Bikeable City Masterclass 2023

    5 reads Language English   Join the next Bikeable City Masterclass in Copenhagen 22-26 May, 2023 and learn cycle promotion the Danish way! The masterclass is offered by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and...

  3. Event
    15 May 2023

    Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark Study Trip

    20 reads Language English- a combination of lectures and site visits by bicycle English Join the 'Planning and Promotion Cycling in Denmark Study Trip' on 15-17 May 2023. The ideal target groups...

  4. Event
    09 May 2023

    Velo-city 2023

    157 olvasás Nyelv angol Velo-city 2023: Leading the transition will take place from 9-12 May, 2023 in Leipzig, Germany. Velo-city is the European Cyclists’ Federation's flagship cycling summit, where...

  5. News
    23 March 2023

    Commission to announce a European Declaration on Cycling

    The European Commission is set to boost its support for cycling as a mode of transport with a new European Declaration on Cycling. ...

  6. News
    20 March 2023

    Gdynia supports residents to purchase e-bikes

    Compared to the first edition of its subsidy programme in 2022, the Polish city of Gdynia has doubled the funding available in 2023 to support residents in buying a new e-bike. ...

  7. Event
    24 March 2023


    99 reads Language English Save Energy English The annual workshops of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK, taking place in Ghent on 24 March 2023, will give an introduction to the theme of the campaign in 2023:...

  8. News
    17 March 2023

    Hamburg aims for 4 out of 5 trips to be carried out without private car in 2030

    Hamburg is pushing cycling as a key element to arrive at a modal share of 80% of all trips done by sustainable urban mobility means. Its cycling strategy embraces pedestrian traffic and connects to public...

  9. Event
    28 February 2023

    ECF online presentation of cargo bike developments across Europe

    72 reads Language English Save the Date- 28 February 2023, 14:00-15:30 (CET) for an European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) online event to mark the launch of a  cargo bike friendly cities'  dashboard...

  10. News
    14 February 2023

    The European Parliament calls for a European Cycling Strategy

    In a parliamentary resolution voted upon on 31 January 2023 in Strasbourg, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) called for a European Cycling Strategy in order to give sufficient attention to cycling at...