SWITCH e-course: Developing an effective active travel campaign


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Par Florinda Boschetti / Mis à jour: 15 Jun 2016

The course is intended to facilitate the development of an ‘Implementation Scenario’ for your own SWITCH campaign and consists of two main elements:

1. Six training units in the same order as the main phases of a SWITCH campaign.
2. A set of trigger questions where you can start developing your own campaign.

The are six chapters with just the right amount of information you need to kick-start your own campaign. The 'resources' section within this course contains templates, sample documents etc. which you can easily adapt to your local context.

At the end of each chapter, you are invited to write down your own thoughts about how you could implement certain campaign steps in your own city.

You can do this directly within the course. At the very end, you can save and print your thoughts in one document as some kind of 'implementation scenario'.

The course language is English and is free to attend by anyone without password or login requirements.

You can access the course at any time at mobility-academy.eu/SWITCH

15 juin 2016
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