CIVITAS e-course: marketing urban cycling


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Par News Editor / Mis à jour: 13 Jul 2017

This e-course, part of the CIVITAS Initiative's extensive catalogue of online learning, gives a broad overview of the main elements involved in marketing urban bicycling.

It discusses the history of marketing bicycling and how this marketing has influenced behaviors.

The course also explores the elements of creating a marketing campaign as well as relevant examples from several international cities.

The CIVITAS e-courses are individual courses that can be followed online, anyplace, anytime. Each e-course is concluded with an online test.

CIVITAS Learning Centre certificates are given to participants who have successfully passed the course. An e-course takes approximately 1-2 hours.

To access the CIVITAS e-learning course on marketing urban cycling, visit the CIVITAS Learning Centre.

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12 avr 2016
Walking and cycling
Mobility management