Horizon 2020 – ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’


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Under Horizon 2020 the EU Research Framework Programme, all projects require co-operation between a minimum of three countries.

The part called 'Mobilityinfo-icon for Growth' is the CIVITAS Initiative, consisting of city-led demonstration projects, knowledge-generating projects and horizontal support projects.

The call for the city-led demo projects for 2017-20 was in 2015. The call for the horizontal support project for 2017-2020 was also in 2015.

For 2016 calls are open for knowledge-generating projects for:

  • Facilitating public procurement
  • New ways of supporting neighbourhood-level innovations

For 2017 calls will open in 2016 for knowledge-generating projects for:

  • Increasing the take-up and scale-up of innovative solutions
  • Supporting smart electric mobility
  • Innovative approaches for integrating urban nodes

Cities should follow up the calls.

For more information, visit the European Commission's website section on Horizon 2020 and the page on available funding opportunities.

Valid dates: 
26 nov 2013 - 31 déc 2020