1. News
    01 May 2023

    Cluj-Napoca to have real-time bus tracking

    As part of the local digitalisation strategy, the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca will introduce an open data platform that will provide users with real-time information about public transport services. ...

  2. News
    28 April 2023

    8 steps to walkability

    A range of steps for local leaders to improve walking behaviour and current walkability conditions; promote public participation in planning and in public life; review policies, standards and regulations;...

  3. News
    27 April 2023

    Save the date for Urban Mobility Days 2023

    Save the Date for Urban Mobility Days 2023 taking place from 4-6 October in Seville, Spain. As 2023 is the European Year of Skills, Urban Mobility Days will have a specific focus on transport skills. ...

  4. News
    27 April 2023

    Registration is open for European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023!

    The Sustainable Energy community will be gathering on 20–22 June 2023 in Brussels and online for European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023. This year will be about accelerating the transition to clean...

  5. News
    26 April 2023

    After the Paris ban, what’s next for e-scooters?

    17 lecturas Whichever grievances prompted Parisians to vote out shared electric scooters on the 2 April referendum, it was undoubtedly the same set of concerns that other cities struggle with: poor parking,...

  6. News
    25 April 2023

    Glasgow is preparing for the start of its Low Emission Zone in June 2023

    Glasgow in the United Kingdom is currently installing the necessary infrastructure, as well as raising public awareness, for the start of its Low Emission Zone, which is due to begin operation on 1 June 2023...

  7. News
    24 April 2023

    Bucharest to implement a Hub to share data and information

    The Romanian capital, Bucharest, will establish a Hub, which, amongst other things, will support the digitalisation of public transport, thus providing users with open-data and real-time information. ...

  8. News
    21 April 2023

    Estonian authorities discuss parking and lower speed limits for e-scooters

    Estonian state and local authorities discuss amendments to the Traffic Act that allow municipalities to set own rules for electric scooters’ speed limits and parking together with e-scooter service providers...

  9. News
    20 April 2023

    Ambassadors for #DiversityInTransport – it’s time for action

    The Ambassadors for #DiversityInTransport seek to promote diversity, equality and inclusion within the EU transport sector. The first meeting of the network took place on 28 March 2023. ...

  10. News
    19 April 2023

    EIT Open Innovation Call for Proposals

    EIT Urban Mobility has published an open Call for close-to-market innovation proposals in three ‘challenge’ areas: Sustainable City Logistics, Energy and Mobility, and Future Mobility. ...