1. News
    29 May 2023

    Webinar explores labour challenges facing the logistics sector

    POLIS' Just Transition Webinar Series brought together experts from across logistics to examine the future of jobs in the sector, the challenges ahead and the responses needed. ...

  2. News
    29 May 2023

    The Hague pilots a high flat-rate parking fee at its beach and city centre

    The Hague has begun the pilot a high flat-rate fee for parking of €50 per day in some streets of the city centre and at the beach in order to deter visitors from coming by car. ...

  3. News
    24 May 2023

    Lithuania supports #BikesForUkraine

    Nearly 500 bicycles collected by the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications left Vilnius for Ukraine on 19 May in support of the #BikesForUkraine campaign. ...

  4. News
    23 May 2023

    CINEA highlights ongoing work on connected mobility

    CINEA has published a brochure that presents a comprehensive overview of the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility projects that it is currently managing. ...

  5. News
    22 May 2023

    Lisbon bans through traffic from its inner city for three months

    In the city of Lisbon, major infrastructure works are being used as a catalyst to change mobility behaviour in its inner city area. ...

  6. News
    22 May 2023

    TRA2024: abstract submission closes on 29 May 2023

    The abstract deadline for TRA2024, "Transport Transitions, Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility" has been extended until 29 May 2023. This is your opportunity to make a contribution to the...

  7. News
    17 May 2023

    New toolkit aims to help the transport sector address its gender imbalance

    A new toolkit is being launched to support the transport sector to improve gender diversity and create more equitable employment opportunities and processes. ...

  8. News
    17 May 2023

    Polish translation of SUMP Decision Makers Summary now available

    The summary to make the Guidelines for developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (2nd edition) more accessible and easy to use is being translated into many different languages, for which...

  9. News
    16 May 2023

    Montreal borough is to base parking fees on the size of a car

    * 1 Euro = 1.45528 Canadian dollars Article published first at CTV News on 2 May 2023. Photo Credit: Grisha ...

  10. News
    15 May 2023

    Study shows that re-manufacturing e-bike components can lower costs

    A study from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation has shown that e-bike components can be re-manufactured in a circular economy process that delivers re-manufactured...