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  1. Video
    18 May 2020

    EMW smaller municipalities finalist- Alfândega da Fé (Portugal)

    Find out why Alfândega da Fé in Portugal were finalists for the 2019 EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award for smaller municipalities (less than 50 000 inhabitants). From horses to bicycles and beyond, Alfândega da...

  2. Video
    18 May 2020

    EMW larger municipalities winner- Kruševac, Serbia

    The city of  Kruševac in Serbia is announced as the winner of the  EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK  Award 2019 for larger municipalities   The Serbian city of Kruševac impressed the jury with its wide range of...

  3. Video
    18 May 2020

    EMW larger municipalities finalist- Rethymno, Greece

    In 2019, Rethymno got super-charged about mobility. From e-bikes, e-scooters and e-buses, to good old-fashioned feet, the focus was on safety and respect for all street and road users. Giving new meaning to...

  4. Video
    18 May 2020

    EMW larger municipalities finalist- Wrocław, Poland

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK in Wrocław in 2019 was all about community, with big group discussions on everything from accessibility for the blind to how bikes will save the world. There was also plenty of...

  5. News
    19 May 2020

    Urban Mobility Days (UMD) 2020 Conference now to be held as a digital event

    790 reads In light of the ongoing uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the European Commission's Urban Mobility Days Conference in 2020 will be held as a fully digital event....

  6. Event
    30 September 2020

    9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns: Mannheim2020

    Idioma Inglés 24 lecturas Mannheim2020 English Local transformation needs to be brought to the next level in all aspects of society. Europe needs solutions for major environmental, economic, and social...

  7. News
    21 May 2020

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2020- Registration now open!

    788 Aufrufe Towns and cities across Europe and further afield can now register their participation in EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2020. The annual campaign, which takes place from 16-22 September each year, is...

  8. Event
    18 June 2020

    Webinar: COVID-19 SUMP guidance – have your say!

    288 Aufrufe Sprache Englisch English The COVID-19 crisis is causing cities and regions to adapt urban mobility measures at a rate and scale never seen before. Major challenges and opportunities exist for...

  9. Event
    29 September 2020

    Urban Mobility Days 2020- Digital Conference

    12305 olvasás Nyelv angol Urban Mobility Days 2020 Digital Conference "Zero-Emissions Mobility for All" English Please note that in light of the ongoing uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID...

  10. News
    17 July 2020

    Registration is now open for Urban Mobility Days 2020!

    492 reads Register now for the European Commission’s first large-scale digital urban mobility conference! Join the free Urban Mobility Days from 29 September to 2 October 2020, to see clean and sustainable...