Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    30 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 2.4: Consider getting external support

    Rationale For most public authorities, the specific skills required for running the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan process will exceed the capacities of their staff. The aim is to cover immediate skill...

  2. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    04 November 2019

    ACTIVITY 3.1: Identify information sources and cooperate with data owners

    Rationale Before deciding on future policies, it is essential to know what problems you are currently facing. In urban transport and mobility, this knowledge is often very fragmented and incomplete. Like...

  3. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    05 November 2019

    ACTIVITY 3.2: Analyse problems and opportunities (all modes)

    Rationale A good mobility analysis is crucial in helping to define appropriate policies and provides the necessary baseline against which progress can be measured. The analysis should be as comprehensive as...

  4. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    PHASE 2: Strategy Development

    The goal of the second phase is to define the strategic direction of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in cooperation with citizens and stakeholders. The key questions are: What are our options for the...

  5. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    STEP 4: Build and jointly assess scenarios

    Based on the analysis of problems and opportunities, different scenarios should be developed and discussed with citizens and stakeholders. These scenarios help improve your understanding of what urban...

  6. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 4.1: Develop scenarios of potential futures

    Rationale Scenarios help to better understand the likely effects of external factors that affect urban mobility (such as changes in climate, information technology, finance and security) in combination with...

  7. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 4.2: Discuss scenarios with citizens and stakeholders

    Rationale Discussing the different scenarios and their impacts with citizens and stakeholders is the first step towards a widely accepted mobility vision. Presenting different potential futures and...

  8. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    STEP 5: Develop vision and objectives with stakeholders

    Now you are ready to get started with the main steps of developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Developing a common vision and objectives are cornerstones of every SUMP. A vision is an important...

  9. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    18 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 5.1: Co-create common vision with citizens and stakeholders

    Rationale What kind of city do we want to live in? How will it differ from other cities? These are the central questions that need to be answered by a visioning exercise involving all stakeholders and...

  10. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    28 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 5.2: Agree objectives addressing key problems and all modes

    Rationale To provide strategic guidance, a vision needs to be specified by concrete objectives that indicate the type of change that is desired. Defining objectives means specifying what social,...