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    26 August 2011

    Bucharest introduces permanent all-night public transport (Romania)

    322 reads Starting on 15th July 2011, Bucharest RATB (public transport operator) introduced 24 hour public transport. All the routes start from Unirii Square in the city centre and cover the entire city...

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    23 August 2011

    17km of new bicycle lanes in Sibiu (Romania)

    294 reads The city of Sibiu has inaugurated 10 new bicycle lanes, adding a total length of 17km to its network. Initially, the city had only one route of 6,5 km, but due of the lack of continuity it was...

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    06 September 2011

    Improved pedestrian and cycling access to Brasov citadel (Romania)

    275 reads The municipality of Brasov has launched a project to rehabilitate its prestigious citadel and all seven routes leading to it, incorporating all types of mobility. The main objective of the Brasov...

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    07 September 2011

    Wider sidewalks on Victoriei Avenue in Bucharest (Romania)

    9000 reads Car drivers will have one lane less on one of the most important traffic routes in Bucharest, Victoriei Avenue. With double-width sidewalks, Victoriei Avenue will regain its historical pedestrian...

  5. News
    14 September 2011

    Ticket vending machines in Bucharest metro stations (Romania)

    1100 reads In order to offer travellers a modern and quick system of ticket purchase, Bucharest metro operator Metrorex has installed 35 ticket vending machines in metro stations across Bucharest. The...

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    15 September 2011

    Ministry of Environment launches cycling lane construction programme (Romania)

    208 reads The Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests launched the first call for projects for the new Cycling Lane Construction Programme. After only 3 weeks, the funding requests already exceeded the...

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    20 September 2011

    Romania modifies car emissions tax (Romania)

    929 reads Romania’s has lowered its vehicle emissions tax, while also expanding it to ensure equitable application to both newer and older cars. The tax rate was lowered by 25% but will now apply to cars...

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    19 September 2011

    PARK(ing) day II in Bucharest (Romania)

    2378 reads In Bucharest on the 16th of September citizens enjoyed the green spaces created in the parking lots located in the city centre on the city's 2nd Parking Day PARK(ing) Day is a global event...

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    11 October 2011

    Free bicycles in Cluj (Romania)

    296 reads Cluj-Napoca Municipality has recently signed a contract for developing a self-service bike sharing system with the representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Development and Tourism, which will...

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    10 October 2011

    Rediscovering the Somes river promenade in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

    1592 reads As in many other cities in Romania, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca has started to realise the potential of riverfronts and to transform these forgotten areas into active spaces. The city...