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  1. News
    06 January 2012

    Smart card launched in Bialystok (Poland)

    468 reads In mid-December, the urban card used for the parking and public transport systems in Bialystok was equipped with a new feature called “electronic purse”. Single fare and season tickets for buses...

  2. News
    09 January 2012

    Multifunctional urban card in Krakow (Poland)

    515 reads Public Transportation Company in Krakow, in cooperation with BRE Bank, has introduced city card, which combines the functions of a season ticket and a debit card. The basic Urban Card of Krakow...

  3. News
    10 January 2012

    Ultra-modern taxi in Warsaw (Poland)

    481 reads In mid-February 2012, a new taxi company will start to operate modern and clean taxi vehicles on the streets of the capital of Poland. The new corporation EcoCar System wants to begin with 130...

  4. News
    19 January 2012

    Warm button” on the buses in Lublin (Poland)

    380 reads Lublin’s public transport operator has installed so-called “warm buttons” in buses and trolleybuses. Passengers can use them to open the door to get on or off the vehicle. The project, which has...

  5. News
    30 January 2012

    The longest tram in Poland will soon be operating in Krakow (Poland)

    1374 reads The longest tram in Poland will be purchased by the public transport operator in Krakow. The vehicle was built by the PROTRAM company from Wroclaw. The project will be completed at the end of...

  6. News
    31 January 2012

    Cheaper public transport ticket in the paid parking zone in Lublin (Poland)

    258 reads Lublin in eastern Poland is the first town in the country to introduce special fares for public transport within the paid street parking zones. The new fare system is planned to be introduced in...

  7. News
    08 February 2012

    Solaris electric bus prototype to be tested in Poznan (Poland)

    1173 reads The Polish company Solaris Bus & Coach will soon test its first fully electric bus. In mid-2012 the bus will be delivered to the transport authority of Poznan and is intended to start...

  8. News
    21 February 2012

    Olsztyn: trams back in the city after 47 years (Poland)

    256 reads The municipality of Olsztyn in south Poland has started preparations for the construction of a new tram route. The route will connect Jaroty district in the city centre with the main railway...

  9. News
    07 March 2012

    Mobile information for public tranport passengers in Lodz (Poland)

    161 reads A new telephone information system has been launched in Lodz (central Poland). Passengers can gain all necessary information while conversing with a computer that can recognise and generate the...

  10. News
    19 March 2012

    Intelligent switches with tram line recognition in Lodz (central Poland)

    678 reads The Transport Authority of Lodz (MPK) is testing tram switches controlled by a steering mechanism with number recognition of the approaching tram. So far, the switches have been used in two...