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    17 August 2011

    Bicycle tourism, a growing trend in Finnish archipelago

    479 reads Environmentally friendly bicycle tourism is gaining popularity in South-West Finnish archipelago. Years of hard work on developing and marketing the South West Finnish archipelago ring road is...

  2. News
    18 August 2011

    Flemish cycle lanes get a score of 4.5 out of 10 (Belgium)

    276 reads Flemish cycle paths are insufficiently comfortable. A measurement of 1,300 kilometres of cycle paths in 16 Flemish municipalities – ordered by the Flemish minister of mobility – gives the cycle...

  3. News
    18 August 2011

    OBIS project presents handbook on bike sharing schemes

    956 reads At its final conference in June 2011, the IEE funded project OBIS launched a handbook of recommendations for those wishing to set up a bike sharing scheme in their town or city. In 2001, only a...

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    18 August 2011

    The Critical Mass expands the bike culture in Bucharest (Romania)

    569 reads Almost 300 bicyclists took part in the latest Critical Mass on June 24th 2011 in Bucharest. This event has taken place in almost every major city across Romania since 2005 and this year the...

  5. News
    22 August 2011

    London bike hire scheme expands thanks to additional bank funding (UK)

    195 reads With London's successful bike hire scheme being only a year old last month, a third stage of expansion has been announced into the western suburbs of the city. Thanks to an additional £25m (...

  6. News
    23 August 2011

    17km of new bicycle lanes in Sibiu (Romania)

    294 reads The city of Sibiu has inaugurated 10 new bicycle lanes, adding a total length of 17km to its network. Initially, the city had only one route of 6,5 km, but due of the lack of continuity it was...

  7. News
    25 August 2011

    BICY- project presents interesting outputs.

    299 reads The BICY – project presents a new tool for practitioners called Bicycle Parking Made Easy. The brochure summarizes useful expert knowledge on the construction of bicycle parking facilities....

  8. News
    02 September 2011

    Increased bicycle use sees a decrease in accidents (Germany)

    954 reads Although bicycle use in German cities is increasing, the number of accidents involving cyclists is decreasing. Unfortunately, this positive trend is not valid for every city. Every day about 1.000...

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    19 September 2011

    The best bicycle route in Poland has been built in Radom (Poland)

    412 reads Radom welcomes a newly built cycle lane which could be exemplary for other Polish towns. The investment has been supported by a local cyclists’ association. Radom’s new cycle lane is 3020 metres...

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    02 September 2011

    Budapest expands cycling route network (Hungary)

    251 reads With help from the EU, the city of Budapest will add 12.4 kilometres to its bike-route network by this fall. The planned cycling routes, targeted at commuters coming from the outer agglomeration...