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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    06 December 2016

    Assessing and Improving Access to Urban Areas

    Language English 2408 reads English This is the final stakeholder seminar for the DG MOVE funded study on 'Urban mobility – Assessing and improving the accessibility of urban areas'. The seminar...

  2. Event
    19 June 2018

    Safer and Smarter – the Road to 2030

    836 reads Language English The 2018 Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Conference, Brussels English The PIN covers all relevant areas of road safety including road user behaviour, infrastructure and...

  3. Event
    03 July 2018

    Towards a Sustainable European Transport System

    Language English 1124 reads Investing in Clean and Innovative Solutions English Transport is a key sector contributing significantly to the European economy, accounting for 4.8% of European Union gross...

  4. Event
    22 May 2018

    CREATE final conference

    Language English 964 reads "Get going! Tackling congestion in Europe and beyond" English TAMING THE CAR! Cities are recognising that their success and their citizens’ well-being depend on reducing...

  5. Event
    26 September 2018

    EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018

    618 reads Language English English The registration for the  EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018  that will take place in  Belgian Limburg  on  September 26th – 28th  is open! You can now register ...

  6. Event
    08 October 2018

    Charge it: e-mobility now!

    697 reads Language English As European policymakers debate the EU transport package, Eurelectric will gather the e-mobility community- from the power source to end users- for a day of lively debates and...

  7. Event
    11 October 2018

    European Cities Leading Innovation For Urban Mobility

    608 reads Language English English The International Association of Public Transport (Union Internationale des Transports Publics  UITP) will organise a double session entitled "European cities leading...

  8. Event
    26 September 2018

    Cleaner, Connected and Competitive: How Can This be the Future for Europe's Freight Transport Networks?

    555 reads Language English English Freight transport is crucial for Europe’s economic activity but it also increases transport fuel consumption and raises CO2 emissions. With road freight transport...

  9. Event
    16 October 2018

    Connected Transport Summit 2018

    645 reads Language English English Traditional means of transport have entered the digital realm at an exponential rate – redefining modern mobility in the process. Digital connectivity is not only a...

  10. News
    18 April 2011

    20 years of carpool parking in Flanders (Belgium)

    526 reads Flanders celebrates 20 years of carpool parking and the favourable results serve to convince Flemish policymakers to keep investing in carpooling. In the presence of the Flemish minister of...