Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    28 October 2010
  2. Tool
    01 January 2005

    Addressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning

    1463 reads Although the concept of sustainable urban mobility planning is now mainstream in European cities, a number of common challenges remain. An awareness of these challenges is required so that they...

  3. News
    28 February 2019

    Adjusting tuition hours lowers peak demand during rush hour

    953 reads Adjusting the starting times of teaching hours at has worked very well against overcrowded trains and buses in the City of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Even on the main access roads to the Campus...

  4. Case study
    12 April 2013
  5. Case study
    07 April 2008
  6. Case study
    20 February 2015
  7. News
    05 November 2018

    Air pollution is biggest health threat in Europe

    1389 reads At the end of October, the European Environment Agency published its report on 'Air Quality in Europe 2018'. It notes that levels of air pollution are still too high and that this is...

  8. News
    18 November 2019

    Aiud in Romania to benefit from investment in clean transport

    510 reads The Romanian city of Aiud, in the Transylvania region, is to benefit from an EU regional development grant to improve the environmental performance of its transport system.  Over €10.5 million...

  9. News
    09 May 2019

    Alcorcón’s City Council launches a pilot system of priority traffic lights for its buses

    1075 reads The City Council of Spanish Alcorcón, located in the Metropolitan area of Madrid, has announced the launch of a pilot project giving priority to traffic lights for buses, with the aim of speeding...

  10. Case study
    14 March 2008