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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    14 November 2018

    Cycling + Walking Innovations 2018

    Language English 921 reads English This 2nd annual event, organised by Landor LINKS for the ... External ...

  2. Event
    14 November 2018

    Accelerate: Rail Infrastructure 2018 External ...

  3. Event
    14 November 2018

    Accelerate: Aviation 2018 External ...

  4. Event
    19 March 2019

    Accelerate: Rail 2019 External ...

  5. Event
    12 February 2019

    MOVE 2019: Mobility Re-Imagined

    promote collaboration. We guarantee to be more expansive and multi-disciplined than any other event on the ... cross-modal event on the planet. It is carefully curated by an experienced team who are...

  6. Event
    19 September 2018

    The Telegraph Britain's Smart Cities Conference 2018

    Engagement English This is the only event connecting the UK’s council and private sector leaders to drive ... infrastructure, financing and community engagement, this year’s event will enable the UK’s 418...

  7. Event
    31 January 2019

    Act TravelWise Annual Conference 2019 External Call for Papers ...

  8. Event
    04 October 2018

    National Air Quality Conference 2018

    Language English 605 reads Encouraging action on air pollution The National Air Quality Conference 2018 aims to drive air pollution reduction, through a discussion on the role of road transport, an...

  9. Event
    24 October 2018

    MAVEN Workshop: Urban traffic management in an automated transport system

    Language English 601 reads On 24 October, Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network (MAVEN) is running a workshop on the impact of automated vehicles on traffic management.  The workshop aims to: Explore...

  10. Event
    28 September 2018

    Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Fleet Masterclass

    Language English 481 reads Become prepared for the next generation This CPD-accredited event will ... UPS EO Charging Dearman For more details, visit the event website. United Kingdom Derby 28 Sep 2018- .....