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  1. News
    22 September 2011

    Bicycle stands on buses in Jaworzno (Poland)

    436 reads Jaworzno is the first town in the Upper Silesia region to introduce a legal way of taking your bicycle on the bus. The only requirement is investing a 2 PLN coin, which is returned when releasing...

  2. News
    29 September 2011

    Longest passenger train operates in Warsaw (Poland)

    309 reads On August 9th a new modern train called “Elf” appeared on Warsaw’s Fast Urban Railway tracks. It currently operates between Warsaw and Otwock, but soon will be serving Warsaw Airport. The Elf...

  3. News
    06 October 2011

    More low-floor buses in Gdansk (Poland)

    325 reads On the 5th of August 8 new low-floor buses started operating in Gdansk making all the buses of the city’s fleet 100% accessible. Gdansk now has one of the “youngest” fleets in Poland. There are...

  4. News
    21 October 2011

    Wroclaw improves safety of its public transport fleet (Poland)

    199 reads 130 buses and 121 trams in Wroclaw will get monitoring system devices and public information displays next year. The city wants to improve the service quality of public transport and reduce acts...

  5. News
    04 November 2011

    Czech’s electric bus presented in Lublin (Poland)

    435 reads The first electric bus has arrived in Lublin, eastern Poland. Made by Czech company SOR, it is the first full-sized bus to have an electric drive and battery system installed. The introduction of...

  6. News
    09 November 2011

    Ticket payment by smartphone debuts in Poland (Poland)

    248 reads Polish mobile payment service mPay announced that public transport users will be able to pay their fares by smartphone in Warsaw, and that the service will soon be available in other cities...

  7. News
    23 November 2011

    Low penalties for fare dodgers in Silesian trains (Poland)

    230 reads A penalty of only €5 for free riders- provided they pay on the spot- is the key element of an experiment carried out by the Silesian Railways company. Silesian Railways, a train company operating...

  8. News
    24 November 2011

    Tychy public transport provider issues tender for CNG buses (Poland)

    349 reads The Municipal Transport Company (PKM) in Tychy has issued a tender for supplying 28 used buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The buses are to be all of the same brand and type. For...

  9. News
    22 December 2011

    Real time displays and online timetables for trams to be introduced in Warsaw (Poland)

    439 reads Warsaw Transport Authority and the Warsaw Trams are introducing a revolutionary method of tram timetable provision. To complement real time digital displays at stops, constantly updated arrival...

  10. News
    06 January 2012

    Buses with bicycle mounts in Szczecin (Poland)

    359 reads The Polish town of Szczecin has decided to enhance cyclists’ comfort in travelling around the city. The authorities have called for bids for buses equipped with safe bicycle mounts. There are a...