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  1. News
    11 February 2013

    Winter cycling kilometre competition (Finland)

    892 reads The annually organised kilometre competition in Finland attracts thousands of participants every year. Now active cyclists have the opportunity to participate in a winter version of this playful...

  2. News
    22 March 2013

    Costs and benefits of cycling in Helsinki (Finland)

    2472 reads The city of Helsinki has set up a target to increase the modal share of cycling to 15 % by the year 2020, and at the same time halve the number of fatal accidents. To support decision making and...

  3. News
    08 May 2013

    Spring campaign inspires people to test public transport in Helsinki region (Finland)

    1013 reads Helsinki Region Transport’s (HRT) new campaign “Take a spring break from car driving” has been a success. In less than two weeks, HRT has received 20,000 new orders for travel cards. During the...

  4. News
    23 July 2013

    Finland releases the second generation Intelligent Strategy for Transport

    891 reads The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has published a second generation intelligent strategy for transport. The strategy furthers the melding of intelligent transport as part of all...

  5. News
    04 November 2013

    Turku prepares for a sustainable overhaul of its public transportation (Finland)

    498 reads Finland’s third largest city is setting out plans to redevelop its urban mobility as two new districts are being planned. Turku wants to move closer to its vision as a city of walking, cycling and...

  6. News
    26 February 2014

    Additional funding approved for extension to Helsinki metro (Finland)

    891 reads Issues with soil conditions have prompted the need for more funding for an extended line of the Helsinki metro to the neighbouring city of Espoo. The City Board approved additional funding for an...

  7. Event
    18 September 2012

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans- Technical Training Seminar

    Language English 1489 reads Finnish A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a way of tackling transport-related problems in urban areas more efficiently. Building on existing practices and regulatory...

  8. Event
    20 September 2012

    Second EPA- Polis Parking Workshop

    333 reads Language English How can we be better? Improving quality of parking management to manage and balance urban transport demand. English Polis and the European Parking Association invite you to a...

  9. Event
    16 October 2013

    13th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications

    358 reads Language English English This conference aims to provide leading edge of research and experimental results on ITS services and applications. Specially interest for this year is Internet of Things....

  10. Event
    13 February 2013

    Winter Cycling Congress

    840 reads Language English English The Winter Cycling Congress is the only international cycling conference concentrating on winter cycling. The two day event offers delegates from around the world a chance...