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  1. News
    27 April 2011

    Pick Pack Point- delivery points for Internet-based orders (Hungary)

    1120 reads Pick Pack Point is now available in 87 cities and 224 locations in Hungary. Goods ordered through the internet will be deposited at these points, and customers can pick them up at their...

  2. News
    25 May 2011

    30,000 participants for Critical Mass Budapest (Hungary)

    400 reads Following the example of the first Critical Mass cyclists’ demonstrations in San Francisco (USA), the Critical Mass demonstration in Hungary has developed into a real success story with modal...

  3. News
    27 May 2011

    Energy bikes- new national campaign for energy-efficiency (Hungary)

    449 reads As part of an energy-efficiency awareness raising campaign the Hungarian national electricity provider launched a road show with new electric bikes: contrary to standard electric bikes these bikes...

  4. News
    01 June 2011

    Public says thank you for mobility improvement in Budapest (Hungary)

    2515 reads Cycling activists have organised a public thank you in Budapest. The works are not yet officially inaugurated but the public can enter the reconfigured ‘Small Ring’ of Budapest, featuring state...

  5. News
    16 June 2011

    ‘EU trams’ promote Hungarian EU presidency and urban energy-efficiency (Hungary)

    346 reads In recognition of Hungary’s EU presidency, the Budapest public transport company has launched a marketing campaign on its trams to raise awareness for energy-efficient urban transport. One of the...

  6. News
    22 June 2011

    Europe’s second oldest funicular railway celebrates anniversary (Hungary)

    483 reads The funicular railway of the Hungarian capital was first inaugurated in 1870. After 75 years of faultless operation it was bombed in 1944 and then rebuilt in 1986- exactly 25 years ago. The...

  7. News
    05 July 2011

    Mobile exhibition promotes urban public transport in Budapest (Hungary)

    737 reads To commemorate that the Hungarian capital’s first articulated bus was brought into action in 1960, an old articulated bus was restored and now goes on a road show to promote the history of...

  8. News
    14 July 2011

    Old vs. used vs. new: debates for public procurement of buses and trolley buses (Hungary)

    390 reads Local decision-makers are attempting to find the most cost-efficient solution to refresh the ageing rolling stock of the Budapest Public Transport Company. Currently, the widely-challenged...

  9. News
    28 July 2011

    First national Hungarian cyclist safety survey- results published

    399 reads Members of the ‘Critical Mass Biking Movement’ in Hungary have recently conducted a national survey of 2,400 cyclists at 85 locations in Hungary to examine the use of cycle safety lights....

  10. News
    20 July 2011

    Budapest public transport schedule now available via Google (Hungary)

    336 reads From the end of June, 2011, the complete public transport schedule of the Budapest Transport Company is available to Google users. As part of ongoing improvements to passenger information...