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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    25 June 2008

    Gdansk City Transport Project (Poland)

    895 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Intermodality Poland Gdańsk planning- network design planning- service integration networks and interchanges With sustainable transport...

  2. Case study
    15 July 2008

    Development of cycling network in Gdansk (Poland)

    509 reads Intermodality Walking and cycling Poland Gdańsk Gdansk is a leading city in Poland for cycling. The city authorities are working to build a comprehensive network of cycleways by continuing to...

  3. Case study
    03 November 2008

    The first line of the Warsaw Metro completed

    1260 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Warsaw planning- network design planning- service integration 25th October 2008 played a special role in the history of Warsaw public transport. 90 years...

  4. Case study
    01 December 2008

    Krakow Transportation Centre (KCK)- an intermodal node nearby the heart of Krakow Old Town

    219 reads Poland Kraków KCK is a complicated public-private enterprise. It has been realised since middle 90 in the surroundings of Krakow Main Train Station. KCK serves as the biggest integrated multimodal...

  5. Case study
    04 August 2009

    Public service contracts in transport. Gdynia. Poland

    142 reads Poland Gdynia An overview of transport-related public transport contracts in Gdynia. Background & Objectives The city of Gdynia has been a leader in establishing a market of regulated...

  6. Case study
    16 January 2009

    Demand-responsive transport services in Krakow/Poland

    204 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Kraków In order to better customize PT to the needs of the citizens the City of Krakow introduced and tests a new demand responsive transport service in a...

  7. Case study
    16 January 2009

    Transition towards clean vehicle fleets in Krakow/Poland

    203 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Poland Kraków MPK, the public transport operator in Krakow, has developed the strategy for fleet renewal and exchange. The strategy assumes a substitution of...

  8. Case study
    16 January 2009

    New leisure related mobility services in Krakow/Poland

    731 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Kraków Just to make it easier and more comfortable to ride a bike in Krakow and to encourage inhabitants to use bikes more frequently as a mode of transport...

  9. Case study
    19 January 2009

    Public transport priority system in Krakow/Poland

    151 reads Poland Kraków Krakow perceives the necessity to introduce a high standard priority system in urban public transport. Introducing new solutions, such as more and more separate bus and tram lanes...

  10. Case study
    19 June 2009

    Intergrated access control strategy in Krakow/Poland

    441 reads Mobility management Poland Kraków In the city centre of Krakow there are three different types of access zones currently in operation (A, B, C Zones). Krakow will enlarge and implement a new...