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    14 January 2013

    NGV market continues to grow despite economic crisis

    569 reads NGVA (Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association) Europe has released its latest statistical update for the European and worldwide markets, reflecting data as per mid 2012. Several minor...

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    25 January 2013

    World’s first demonstration of power transfer from wheels to power an electric car

    1006 reads Wireless power transfer for electric vehicles based on dielectric coupling between a steel belt in a car tyre and a metal plate in the road surface (Tyre Dielectric Coupling) has demonstrated an...

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    22 January 2013

    Is Europe making progress in reducing emissions of particulate matter?

    474 reads Total emissions of primary sub-10µm particulate matter (PM10) have reduced by 26% across the EEA-32 region between 1990 and 2010, driven by a 28% reduction in emissions of the fine particulate...

  4. News
    24 January 2013

    Hydrogen on TEN-T road network closer to reality thanks to EU grant

    452 reads The EU will support with almost €3.5 million from the TEN-T Programme a project which will analyse the current situation of hydrogen refuelling stations and propose new strategies to expand their...

  5. News
    31 January 2013

    Platform for the electrification of surface transport

    960 reads The Platform for the Electrification of Surface Transport brings together eleven organisations from across industries and transport modes. It is committed to the promotion of further...

  6. News
    28 January 2013

    EU launches clean fuel strategy

    366 reads The European Commission announced an ambitious package of measures to ensure the build-up of alternative fuel stations across Europe with common standards for their design and use. Policy...

  7. News
    11 March 2013

    CIVITAS DYN@MO project launched

    1573 reads CIVITAS DYN@MO, a new project within the CIVITAS initiative will strengthen sustainable mobility in four cities, especially with the help of Mobility 2.0. services targeted at active citizens of...

  8. News
    15 March 2013

    60 g/km by 2025 is possible with existing technology

    873 reads The right mixture of electric, hybrid and conventionally-fuelled cars could enable Europe to reach 60 grams per kilometre from the average new car in 2025 with technology costs likely to be paid...

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    08 April 2013

    New calculator shows how much fuel new tyres can save Photo credits: Gregory Moine @ Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0 Europe-wide Clean and energy-efficient ...

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    07 May 2013

    Biofuels failing the economy as well as environment

    1011 reads The total annual public support for biofuel production in Europe is around €10 billion, equivalent to a bailout of Cyprus every year, according to a new report, commissioned and co-funded by...