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    09 May 2012

    Funicular of Lyon celebrates 150th birthday (France)

    680 reads The first urban funicular in the world was introduced to link the Croix-Rousse to downtown Lyon, to facilitate economic exchange. Although very close as the crow flies, the two districts are...

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    15 August 2012

    France supports purchase of energy efficient vehicles through bonuses (France)

    397 reads A new bonus scale entered into force on 1 August in France, with higher incentives for consumers to buy vehicles emitting less CO2. As of 1 August, 2012, the French bonus-penalty system for the...

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    27 August 2012

    Paris gets back its boulevards (France)

    521 reads The dream of the mayor of Paris, Betrand Delanoë, to reduce car traffic along the banks of the river Seine so that they can be used by cyclists and pedestrians, will become reality. In the 1960s,...

  4. News
    20 November 2012

    Mayor of Paris to battle traffic and air pollution (France)

    2530 reads By presenting a comprehensive action plan which aims to ban cars older than 17 years from Paris, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delenoe, wants to reduce traffic and air pollution in his city. Paris...

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    26 February 2013

    Accessibility in Île-de-France improved by tramway network extension (France)

    636 reads Starting in November 2012 three tramway lines have been extended and others are being developed in Île-de-France. According to local authorities these projects will considerably improve the...

  6. News
    14 March 2013

    New data shows drastic modal split in Ile-de-France (France)

    5234 reads Recent research on transport modes in Ile-de-France shows a major change in modal split compared with 2001. “The Global Study on Transport” conducted by STIF and DRIEA between 2009 and 2011...

  7. News
    12 April 2013

    Zero emission car sharing solution to be launched in Grenoble (France)

    880 reads Toyota, the city of Grenoble, the Grenoble-Alpes Metropole and Electricite de France (EDF) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on March 4 bringing an urban electric vehicle (EV) car...

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    27 September 2013

    The mobility successes of Nantes (France)

    619 reads The city of Nantes (France) is European Green Capital 2013 and is currently hosting the EcoCity World Summit from 25 – 27 September, and the World Mayors Summit from 27 – 28 September. One of the...

  9. News
    11 November 2013

    Linking carpooling with public transport in Val de Saône (France)

    441 reads A new scheme serving villages north of the city of Lyon will help people to access public transport through carpooling. Carpooling is a popular method of reducing the number of vehicles on the...

  10. News
    13 January 2014

    Nantes' Chronobuses increases access to the city centre (France)

    784 reads Reducing personal car use, increasing accessibility and providing fast and reliable service are the main goals of the Chronobus system. The Chronobus system in Nantes (France), designed with the...