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  1. News
    10 July 2013

    First 5 star ECOSTARS member is in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

    691x přečteno ECOSTARS Ostrava in the Czech Republic has welcomed its first five star operator. FRAMA CZ has provided freight transportation services since 1990 both in domestic and international markets,...

  2. Case study
    28 June 2013
  3. Event
    23 May 2013

    14th European Forum on Eco-innovation

    Jazyk Anglicky 491x přečteno Into clean air…Delivering innovative solutions for mobility, energy and ICT in cities English The event is organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for the...

  4. Event
    09 May 2013

    Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Transport, Logistics and Information Technology

    821x přečteno Jazyk Anglicky English Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Transport, Logistics and Information Technology in Prague 2013 is an important international gathering of scholars, educators...

  5. Event
    25 April 2013

    TRAILBLAZER – Urban Freight Conference

    Jazyk Anglicky 757x přečteno TRansport And Innovation Logistics By Local Authorities with a Zest for Efficiency and Realisation English Delegates will learn about the practical implementation of Delivery...

  6. News
    08 March 2013

    A new traffic control system for Brno (Czech Republic)

    2969x přečteno In the framework of the European project POSSE, the city of Brno is planning several investments in traffic infrastructure to build up an integrated traffic control system. POSSE is a three...

  7. Case study
    25 February 2013
  8. Case study
    21 February 2013
  9. News
    20 February 2013

    Bicycling advances in Central Europe

    658x přečteno The final European Conference of the Central Europe project BICY – Cities and Regions of Bicycles was characterized by an amazing spirit of optimism despite a rather limited support for...

  10. Event
    19 February 2013

    Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG in Transport

    Jazyk Anglicky 394x přečteno English The objective of the conference is to enhance CNG, LNG in transport, infrastructure with a sufficient number of refuelling stations, support growth in the number of CNG...