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    28 March 2012

    Testing of electric shuttle in Villard-de-Lans (France)

    319 reads In the framework of the European project CO2 Neutralp, the city of Villard-de-Lans in the Vercors in France studied the possibility of introducing electric buses to allow tourists to reach the ski...

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    28 March 2012

    Biogas for trucks in Brittany (France)

    265 reads Locminé will be one of the first sites in Europe to combine two biomass energies- wood biomass and methanisation of organic resources – to produce 100% green energy which can be used as fuel for...

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    23 April 2012

    Marseille starts construction of one of the biggest pedestrian squares in Europe (France)

    2595 reads Marseille wants to create a car-free city centre. Works which began on 19 March will reduce car traffic in the historical harbour, Vieux Port, by 50 percent in 2013. More space will be dedicated...

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    24 April 2012

    Shuttle operates on the river Saône in Lyon (France)

    822 reads A shuttle boat service with a capacity of 70 people will link the new quarter of Confluence to Lyon city centre in 30 minutes, every hour, for a cost of €1.50. The boat is diesel-hybrid powered....

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    24 April 2012

    Two new tram lines put into operation in Montpellier (France)

    261 reads After 3 years of construction and an investment of €530 million, new tram lines were inaugurated and put into operation in Montpellier on 2 April. When work on the third line started in 2009,...

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    24 April 2012

    Train station Paris Saint-Lazare refurbished to offer more services to users (France)

    341 reads The 450 000 daily users of the railway station of Paris Saint-Lazare can now benefit from new services offered within the station, in a new shopping arcade spanning 3 levels with 80 shops, 13...

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    27 April 2012

    No more cars near the Mont Saint Michel (France)

    513 reads One of the popular tourist attractions in Europe, the Mont Saint Michel, is each year drawing 600,000 vehicles that park on a temporary embankment very near the site. From 28 April, parking will...

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    30 April 2012

    Bike sharing system V'lille expands in Villeneuve d'Ascq (France)

    957 reads A bike sharing system known as V’lille has been deployed in Villeneuve d'Ascq, the fourth biggest city of the conurbation of Lille. 200 new bikes at 19 new stations have been installed, along...

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    02 May 2012

    Electric shuttle links mainland with island of Ré (France)

    226 reads On 7 April, an electric shuttle began a service between the French mainland to the island of Ré. Organised by the local authorities, the cost of the service, which runs year round, is €1. It is...

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    03 May 2012

    First electric cars for city of La Baule-Escoublac (France)

    225 reads A bulk order of electric cars for the French postal service La Poste and local authorities has been coordinated by UGAP, a specialist in public procurement. On 20 March, the first electric cars...