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    04 April 2011

    € 24.2 million available for the development of electromobility in Europe

    980 reads The European Commission will support a cross-European electromobility initiative, Green eMotion. The aim of the initiative is to exchange and develop know-how and experience in selected regions...

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    11 April 2011

    3 years of European Road Safety Charter Tour

    416 reads After three years of bringing together signatories, organising events and calling for shared responsibility, the time has come for the European road safety Charter to review its yearly...

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    08 April 2011

    Five European cities and regions honoured with the OSMOSE Awards for their transport innovations

    1511 reads Madrid (ES), Essex (UK), Barcelona (ES), Aalborg (DK) and San Sebastian (ES) are the winners of this year’s OSMOSE Awards for local transport innovations. The winners were presented at the final...

  4. News
    05 April 2011

    Public not equipped to manage personal carbon emissions

    1077 reads Although the public are largely aware of climate change, their understanding of how they produce and manage carbon is generally not sufficient to lead to changes in behaviour and lifestyle,...

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    14 April 2011

    CO2 NeuTrAlp achieves e-mobility impact

    391 reads Preliminary results of the project CO2 Neutralp show extensive energy savings from the pilot projects investigating energy efficient mobility. The project comprises of a big package of activities...

  6. News
    21 April 2011

    Parliament calls for end to ban on lorry pollution charges

    287 reads The European Parliament's Transport committee reached an agreement (12/04/11) on revised road charging rules for lorries (the Eurovignette directive) that would open the door for Member...

  7. News
    18 April 2011

    Public consultation on multimodal journey planner

    332 reads DG Move launched a public consultation on the topic of a European multimodal journey planner. It’s open for the public from the 1st of April until the 27th of May and can only be completed online....

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    22 April 2011

    European Commission revises energy taxation rules

    830 reads The European Commission recently revised the Energy Tax Directive. Transport and Environment calls for decisive action and presents a new paper on the subject. The European Commission has...

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    25 April 2011

    Biofuels need enforceable ethical standards

    234 reads Europe's renewable energy targets have 'backfired'. Stricter ethical and environmental standards are needed to balance land use for food and for biofuels according to a report...

  10. News
    11 May 2011

    Cities for Mobility- first electronic magazine 2011 published

    324 reads The first edition of the Cities for mobility electronic magazine in 2011 contains interesting approaches on how to make cities more livable through innovative mobility solutions. The new issue of...